Analog Rytm Mk2 output level


Noise adds character.



I beg your pardon? The soundcraft preamps are not ”of superior quality”, they behave well perhaps but nothing exceptional.

We will just have to agree to disagree on this one. I personally never have problems getting things loud enough without introducing objectionable noise. But proper gainstaging is always paramount for such a result.


You make the noise floor using full wet compressor really low by adjusting gain stages, if you don’t there might be a little to a lot of noise…


I had no idea make-up gain effects the output with the Comp Mix turned down! I’ll have to experiment with that, thanks :thup:

The only time I’ve noticed noise on the Rytm (MK1, although I’m not sure it matters?) is when the Amp Decay is set all the way up on all or some of the tracks. Especially when the drive is turned up it becomes obvious. Pretty easy to fix though, as I’d imagine most drum sounds don’t need a never-ending decay. Maybe it’s obvious but for the people having problems with noise, have you tried lowering the decay?

That being said I actually just loaded up my Rytm with some various noise samples and have been getting great results. Because sometimes more noise is better :loopy:


It doesn’t, I don’t know if you were referring to my statement, I said fully wet as in full tilt mix to compressor…
Vol on compressor always works though even if no comp, I use that to level out dry kits, but I almost always use full tilt comp…


I was referring to this post. Maybe I misunderstood what was meant by that. Perhaps make-up gain was referring to something other than that parameter on the Comp? I was thinking it wouldn’t make any sense for the Compressors make-up gain to effect the non-compressed, dry signal…


I don’t believe it does…


Derp. :astonished:

I could’ve sworn it did but I guess I had never tried it on a completely dry signal. I can confirm it does NOT affect the dry signal. You learn something new every day!


Not for me it doesn’t. There’s plenty of ways to add noise after the fact if you want noise. Also, if you’re using guitars, bass, or any mic’d Instruments, then you’re already fighting noise issues - no need to add to that battle IME.


I swear I use the compressor full mix and with carefull settings of the many, many parameters that affect gain and volume the noise floor doesn’t even register on Logic’s meters… (MK1)

That being said there is some out of this world awesome noise that you can get with heavy dist, overdrive, and super crazy compressor settings with really low threshold and high makeup gain…

I love it and use it for sound design, you can have it disappear with hits but then swell up in between hits according to comp release… Absolutely love it!


Well thats the beauty of each person having their own taste. I really dont care what you preference is. I like what i like. You like what you like…werks out perfect.


May sound a bit silly, but how do I close the amp envelope??



I think in other words change the DEC settings. Its on INF by default.


Ah ok thanks,
will try that.