Analog rytm mk2 advice

Hello everyone can someone tell me if the analog rytm mk2 still has hardware problems? i find a used rytm mk2 here in mexico for sale the seller told me that his unit dont have problems but i look in the forum alot of posts about that and because i am in mexico sending the unit to sweden its expensive i am looking for your advice =)


Nobody will be able to tell you that. There have been reports about units with misbehaving pads, but it‘s not possible to draw conclusions on the actual error rate. Personally, I have had some issues with Elektron instruments in the past, but overall my feeling is that fewer issues are discussed here these days than there were a few months ago. Also, keep in mind that people who experience problems tend to be much more vocal about it than people who don’t, which often leads to problems seeming more frequent than they actually are. In your case, if shipping to Sweden is prohibitively expensive buying new from a retailer might make more sense, because they will probably have to handle a potential return (but that‘s just my best guess about Mexican consumer protection laws).


thanks for the replay Hans i think of buying from that seller because of the price 1000 USdlls so its a good price i only dont want to send the rytm 4 times to repair like some users have done its like 200 us dlls per shippment i watch Tarekith video about the issues and he is a long time elektron user so thats why i have doubts

check serial number if end in 72

They all end in 72


Hello-I’m new to elektron products. My new rytm mkii occasionally has moody pads (seems temperature related). After reading some of the experiences of returning and getting new, still problematic pads, I have so far happily accepted the problem just because even a moody rytm for me is just a beautiful instrument.

I have guitars that sound phenomenal but are moody to humidity changes, I have great sounding guitars that have moody tuners. I guess I accept these imperfections as part of an instrument. So I sort of think it comes down to whether you can accept the problems, but of course not everyone shares my philosophies nor should they!

Good luck! Low ball em if you’re on the fence:)


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Hi Sam i understand your philosophy but if i have a faulty gibson i repair it i dont like musical instruments that doesnt work as intended but repairing a elektron instrument is out of my knowledge =)

Yes repairing might be beyond me too and I build acoustics and electrics as well as tube amps:).

I think maybe again it’s different views, definitions of faulty vs moody:). And yeah maybe the elektron pad thing is more of a fault but again I ponder that this might be related to how amazingly responsive those pads are. Responsive can be synonymous with sensitive and sensitive can encompass moody/unpredictable.

So yeah I think it’s a personal choice but you’d probably have to experience the issues before deciding you could live with them, and that’s an expensive test! Darn it!


Samvanlan how long does you got your rytm? and its the only problem?

Hi yes I’ve had it 2+ months now, bought brand new here in Usa from Sweetwater, who i imagine sells a decent amount of them (so probably mine is from a new batch). I’ve used it a decent amount to just learn it, write and/or finish off a 4 ish songs. Man did I say I love it!?

The pad problems I’ve had seem similar to those I’ve read here. Sometimes when I’m in mute mode, muting one pad will cause pad #2 (lowest row, 2nd from left) to mute inadvertently. And a couple times now I’ve had a difficult time making pad #2 the active pad for editing etc. And when I say trouble, I guess I mean having to press it a few times and then maybe pressing others before going back to it and it finally responding. I’m sure that could be a deal breaker for some… but for me I sort of imagine it just changes my workflow approach and I adapt??? But I’m new to sequencing drums. For the last 20+ years I’ve just played MIDI keyboard drums or drum machine drums live into a DAW.

After all the reading I’ve done of the threads discussing the pad issues, im wondering if the equipment that elektron uses to calibrate pads just isn’t that dialed in/good at its job:)?

Hope that helps!


The rytm is such a lovely machine so it’s worth getting a new one. Just make sure you sort out the return/refund policies with your retailer (e.g. who’ll pay for the shipping if you need to send your machine to the repair shop) before your purchase, and if you need to get a replacement unit, ask Elektron to test it before they send it to you. If you’re in doubt about getting a new one now, maybe wait until they roll out the new overbridge.

Avoid.There’s obviously something wrong with this box.Too many complaints.

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thanks for all your help and advice i think i will pass on this one a drum machine that you recommend?

i have a digitakt, tb3 , and a behringer model d (on its way to my studio =) )

Just took delivery of a Rytm Mk2 this morn from gear4music. its the first elektron I was a li’l nervous about from a quality control point of view, but its functioning perfectly thus far. no issues i can find :ok_hand:

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I am waiting another year or two until Elektron fixes the hardware issues on the Rytm MK2. That or maybe get Tanzbar v2 or Soma Pulsar 23 when it becomes available for purchase.

I just received my second RYTM MKii both with poor pads

i cant belive all that problems =(

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ReptilAzio whatchoo mean “Problems”?!?

I read here that they were “features”!


LOL i Know

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