Analog Rytm MK1 OS 1.45 and Overbridge

So I’m a bit confused here. In the release notes for OS 1.45 for Analog Rytm 1.45 it says:

“Any connection to Overbridge 1.15 (or older) will stop working if you install this firmware update.”

But 1.15 is the most recent release of Overbridge? Is there any Overbridge version that’s compatible with the 1.45 OS?

Beta of 2.0. Don’t upgrade your mki if overbridge is an integral part of your workflow.

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Hello everyone!

I was also confused about this line. Unfortunately My (second hand) MK1 hast already been upgraded to OS 1.45. and Overbridge didn’t recognize my device.

I installed the latest Overbridge Beta including the OS upgrade on my machine and it still doesn’t work unfortunately. Does anyone have an idea about the reason?
The Sysex Transfer seemed to work and also My MK1 shows up in my Mac finder, but it doesn’t show up in overbridge.

Looking forward to good advices =)