Analog Rytm MK1 - NO SOUND - HELP

Hey guys im completely new to elektron gear and hardware in general. I can’t seem to get any sound out of my rytm. It’s connected to my audio interface and ive updated the latest firmware.
What am I missing here?! I got this machine on ebay and the seller said its always worked fine so there’s definitely something I’m missing…


Not enough info. Does the headphone out work?

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I don’t have a headphone adapter atm so I can’t test it. I’ve just plugged the rytm directly into my monitors and it works fine. But it doesnt work with the interface…

If it works when you plug it directly to the monitors but does not work when you plug it into your interface it strongly indicates that the Rytm is ok.

If you have trouble using it with Overbridge or establish a connection via USB with your computer please concider downloading the lastes OS. The Rytm needs to be updated to the same version as the Overbridge plugin on your computer.

You are missing providing any information …

How is the Rytm connected to your audio interface (which cables and which ports on the AR and the interface)?
Which audio interface are you using?
Can your hear any other gear when you connect that gear to the audio interface?
What audio software are you using on your computer?

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