Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


It did solve everything here since I installed the dev-build and 1.40D. Not a single problem since then.


Fuck. It stuck again today, D doesn’t work :pensive:


is it the same scramble UI issue? or another type of freeze


Not scramble. Just any encoders/buttons don’t work, UI is stuck. Sound is playing, but I can’t do anything, even stop.


I thought they mentioned that the latest OS would not address that, it was just for overheating issues (?)


I don’t know what is the “overheating” problem :slight_smile:
but it happened just one more few minutes ago. Also, some another weird thing, when I rebooted AR, my A4 reloaded project somehow. Heh…


Olle said this about 1.40D a few weeks ago…

As a side note: I get this simple (not scrambled) UI freeze about once a week on my A4 but have never had it on my AR. Go figure!


exactly. so patience my friends


Just to report:

Mine froze one time after the 1.40D update was installed. However, nothing was lost in the project, which is what I like about this machine. If there’s an accidental power shut off your last state is back to the way it was.


Hi there analog rytm mk2 users .I’ve been holding off buying one for about 6 months because of reading on this forum many many un-happy early buyers.Has the new firmware update sorted out most problems ,or should i hang on another few months for bug fixes?


My unit started acting up recently.
I returned my AR mk2 to Thomann last week and their repairs section is currently testing the unit. Let’s hope for the best, to be quite honest, I am a bit disappointed.


My Rytm MK 2 froze last night for the first time. I have had it for two weeks and this was also the first time I have jammed with it for longer than an hour.
It happened whilst playing a pattern and scrolling through samples.

EDIT: I have the latest firmware installed and a bunch of custom samples


There is def something wonky on the AR2 when it comes to scrolling through samples. Whenever I try to assign a sample to a pad, if I scroll quickly through the sample menu (using knob or buttons) it just closes to sample menu. Not very conducive to my work flow.


Yes I noticed that to. I also noticed that if you turn the track volume up or down there is lag. It responds a second later than the turn. The other encoders dont do this.

Just to clarify for potential buyers:

This unit gets a lot of things right. Its really the best drummachine/ sampler I have ever owned and I hope all the bugs get sorted out soon.


I wasn’t on the tip of buying a rythm 2 and have just come across this thread. Are the freezing issues massively common? If I’m spending over 1k on something I want a gaurontee it’s going to be a solid piece of kit that will last a while

Does anyone have experience with it working smoothly?


Welcome to the forum!

We don’t have specific numbers but there must be hundreds or thousands of Analog Rytm MkII’s sold and only a few of them seem to have problems. You can read the posts on the rest of the forum to see working ARs in action.

If you did have any problems, then Elektron offers a three-year warranty on new instruments and is always working to make improvements in performance.


My third one seems to be ok…knocks on wood for luck…


I think the earliest AR2’s running the original OS seemed to be most problematic. I’m on my 2nd unit, and other than a few bugs, it’s been pretty solid. When I returned my 1st unit, my vendor’s response seemed to indicate that they were getting A LOT of defective/problematic units returned/exchanged.


I really dont know but to be honest (even if i am an Elektron fan boy) i would WAIT .
Why , because the A4 MK2 still has serious bugs and even after several months there is no fix.
So personally i would not take that chance or get the MK1 (cheap !)


I spent a while looking for a used Mk1 as I had no interest in the new features of the Mk2.
I managed to find an ex shop demo Mk1 at a good price. When it arrived at my door… it was dead on arrival. Contacted the store and they were really helpful and good about the whole deal, they replaced it with a Mk2.

Just for reference I live about 500km away from the nearest shop that sells Elektron gear.

I had the same issue with the MK2 freezing, and then another problem arose, the mute function had a mind of its own! The tracks would mute and unmute all on their own!
I mean seriously, Elektron need to sort their shit out.

Again the shop I dealt with were totally cool about it and are helping me exchange the AR mk2 for something else entirely. I wont bother with the AR again.

Extremely disappointing given that the Octatrack MK1 I have is so good!

I have plenty of analogue synths, Korg, Moog, Roland, Novation, Lyra. All of them work, all of them stable, all of them reliable, never had any issues, even the old MS20 that is as old as I am works just fine.

I think Elektron need to focus on making solid reliable gear. Fancy bells and whistles are fine, but if it doesn’t work- it is useless.