Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


mine ends with -72 as well but never freezed since I have it (5 weeks).


Thia and @Hans_Olo his note seem to confirm the randomness


Might sound weird but turn it off and massage all the buttons fixed the saving thing for me but still have some weird things going on it’s a little wonky


lol that is weird


Yes I’ve had this freeze 5 times the last 2 days with the display scrambled and crazy! :roll_eyes:
Mine ends on -72…
I’m working mainly with samples these last couple of days.


sorry mate, it seems the acknowledge it to be a hardware fault…


wow that is terrible! I’ve been lucky thus far with my A4 and OT MK2 models.


How many faulty products have elektron released in the past 2 years?


Yes, it has just been confirmed that this is a hardware issue. They say it’s a relatively quick turn-around so I cross my fingers for that. It’s definitely criticizable that so many units have faults but I’d rather have it send away for repairs now and then have a unit that works well and reliably.


not good. mine works without freezes so far (ends with -72). But I’m really concerned. I would be very interested what kind of hardware problem this is.
Maybe someone has some “official” information from Elektron about these hardware issues.


It’s weird I feel like it gets overloaded? If I do to many things fast it lags and has to catch up browse sample or if I replace the sample multiple times sometimes it will go blank and I have to turn it off to get it to load up again


Yes i’ve had that too, maybe a different problem than the UI-scramble freeze. Submit a ticket and see what they do!


Hey guys
Just an update on the “scramble issue” :grinning:
Elektron wrote back and I am now testing a firmware build that may solve this issue. I’ll be testing it over the next five days and I’ll see if it helps. Hopefully this will solve it. I won’t report issues here but I’ll let you know if it works or if I’ll have to send it for repairs.


Sent mine back to Elektron, they quickly replaced my unit, amazed by the turnaround time! good customer service! With this kind of service…a bug or two is not a big deal…

New unit back, not crashing at all.


Interesting, keep us posted!


I think they have a lot of experience in this :wink:


Since I didn’t say I wouldn’t post about no non-issues, here you go:
No problems at all so far! :sweat_smile:


Oh, today had it again

This is my second device…
Waiting for answer form Elektron


Ask them for the firmware dev-build that I got. I have used the AR extensively for the last 3 days without a single freeze.


been rocking my mkii since monday including a 1.5 hr gig , no freezes or issues at all