Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


I am surprised that the new AR MKII is more than the A4 MKII and does less in my opinion.


I mean damn, if they need somebody to sit there and test these mk2s before they leave the factory I am happy to do the job for food and shelter lol, I will be recording everything and by the end of it I’ll have terabytes of sound material, wait I was actually lucky enough to be a winner of this elektron lottery and have mk2 that works just perfectly :::] Yep it’s a lottery and entry ticket is over 1500$ enter to play at your own risk :slight_smile:


same here. I have the AR mk2 for about 3 weeks and not a single freeze so far.


Same here! I have had mine for three months now with no freezes. It gets used several hours a day most days and I do use everything you listed extensively also.
I did have my MK 1 crash a few times because of corrupted sample files I had imported.


me too I need a job and would love to work for Elektron to do their sales and testing for free gear


I returned my first AR MK2 after it froze during an OS update - I wasn’t taking any chances after reading these threads. My second one hasn’t frozen yet, but I have started to get an annoying bug. The function + save kit button combo just stops working after a while. I can still save the kit by using the function + kit button combo and selecting save from the menu, but this is troubling. Anyone else experience this?


Function and Gear to save project would sometimes only trigger load project for me. Maybe related, I don’t know.


Yes i have this too. Surely must be a software bug; submit it at!


The AR has a pile more analog components in it than the A4, those add up the cost…


well I am happy with the drum sounds on my A4 and OT and needed something to manage CV.


and it has 8 voices.


I would buy a used one


Hi, guys!
I’m new here and I really love Elektron’s stuff but I have to report that my second AR mk2 (1.40C) had freezed twice in a week…((
The first AR mk2 was returned to the dealer, it also had freezes and failed to boot sometimes…

Hope Elektron guys are reading this thread.

It seems to be hardware issue, so what I started thinking about is: maybe most of us have the buggy machines from the same shipment (last 2 digits at the end of the serial number of your device)? Both of mine ARs were from the 72 shipment.
If it is so then I’m encouraged the next shipment will be ok and I will finally exchange the machine for properly working one. :man_facepalming:t2:


I certainly hope that this isn’t the case, as mine, too has a number that ends in ‘72’. I have not yet had a chance to spend more than a few moments with it, so have not idea if it freezes. From what I’ve read, it seems to be a heat-related issue. This makes me wonder how it could be limited to a specific shipment? Maybe those vents on the MkI units should have been retained.


The serial no. of my AR MK2 ends in -72. No freezes yet during a few prolonged sessions.


You are giving me hope!


I wasn’t trying to disappoint all you guys who have 72 at the end))) :wave: I’m just trying to find any relationship between those freezes and made a suggestion) if I’m wrong then it’s even better maybe

For example, my ARs both froze in different occasions every time. And I don’t think it is heat-related because mine froze while working as for several ours as for 15-20 minutes…


Was it the same type of freeze both episodes? With the user interface all scrambled and crazy?

What Olle at elektron told be is that it’s not a specific batch but seems to be more random but that the newer ones should not have the problem (of the UI freeze when heating).

I returned mine to elektron, lets see what they send back and I will look at the serial nr ending and post once it arrives.


Ps: my previous one did end on -72 too btw.


All freezes were different: for ex. one was during switching patterns, the FILL button was pressed and unit just stucked playing the fill (would be funny on stage😂). Another one just during tweaking kick parameters. And so on, no dsp loads before freezes. Random…