Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


alltogether it seems like they are aware there are certain issues, and it also seems important to let them know (by opening tickets) which issues remain so they can address them (they seem unaware of the freezing issues).


I ended up returning my ARmkII. Too many bugs and instability, and I’m not going to keep swapping out units hoping to get one that works correctly. I’ll wait a few months (years?) and see if it gets more stable, perhaps I’ll repurchase one in the future. For now though, not worth it sadly. :frowning:


good that you could still get your money back.


My freezes happened when the unit had been on for several hours.


the same here !


I have that same message and craziness too what a bummer :frowning: was holding out hoping it’s software


I haven’t noticed anything yet but I’ve also kinda had it shelved waiting for overbridge. All the hardware seems to be ok at least. Sorry to hear there are so many people experiencing issues. Hopefully the next update will fix a lot of it.


I have had one freeze yesterday and one freeze a couple of days ago. Would be great if this could be fixed!


Mine does the same thing! brand new, just got it yesterday! wtf…seems like it’s a MAJOR issue :frowning:


Yep! I think its important that everyone experiencing any freezes reports them at - the dev team seems pretty busy with digitakt and digitone but surely they won’t forget about their most expensive drumbox if we all keep sending in tickets/reports


I have been lucky as both my OT MK2 and A4 MK2 have never frozen once and been rock solid for past 2 weeks of abuse I have thrown on them.


This thread is about the Rytm MKII…


Lol :man_facepalming:


definitely not encouraging for me to buy one. Maybe look at used MKI AR model?


You could indeed; if you can withstand the urge of having everything mk2 style and dont need the sampling feature nor easy sample transfer :wink:


I have followed the thread and its been crazy. I can say I have a MK1 purchased the day they were released and it has never locked up, even after being left turned on for weeks at a time.


Just put mine under some serious stress. Jammed with it for 3h, constantly using scenes and performance macros, muting, unmuting, soloing stuff, loaded a ton of samples and previewed them. The AR got warm on the underside. Then I ran the calibration routine, jammed some more. Not a single freeze. Seems that I got lucky for once (as far as musical toys go).


Good to hear mate. Why did you calibrate?


To be honest, just to try. I bought the unit at the introductory retail price. It‘s the most expensive Elektron I‘ve ever bought. I want to put it under as much stress as possible to be sure it‘s rock solid.


Well I already have the OT for sampling already so a used AR would be a nice box and I prefer smaller form factor.