Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


because of the lag?


No because it keeps locking up mainly, but the other software issues I’m having aren’t helping either. Sometimes I can’t even select a sample from the list because it keeps closing the list while I’m scrolling in it. Or the Pattern Select screen that pops up when you press a Bank button won’t go away, it just keeps the trigger pads in Pattern Select mode for some reason. The shortcut for save project will sometimes trigger load project instead (no I’m not holding down the gear button when this happens). I don’t know, there’s all these little random issues that would make me not trust it live on stage, which is exactly why I bought it. Grrr.


Mine froze once but I guess I ought to give support a call. I would hate for this to keep happening.


Anyone have these freezes while in scene edit mode? My MK1 has froze maybe 3 times in 3 years in scene edit mode, filed a report and they said it was not common, and haven’t seen any other reports of it… Just curious…

Thankfully I can just not edit scenes if I’m recording or eventually performing…


Is it just my imagination or have these freezing issues/posts increased heavily lately?


Mine happen usually just when I’m changing a parameter one on of the synth or sample pages. I haven’t been able to track it down to just one thing that seems to be causing it, though it’s strange that it didn’t happen at all until just the last few days.


probably because more people are discovering them with more time spent using the device, or more buyers see other people posting and realize their not alone and feeling free to post their issues as well.


Probably. Its still strange though, should not be acceptable if its a hardware fault in a machine that costs >1500 bucks. I don’t really understand what kind of hardware fault it could be, a software/firmware problem seems way more logical imo. The machine seems well built from the outside, its a shame this problems arise, it sounds great, but you need to be able to ‘trust’ the machine aswell, especially if you intend to work live with it.


My DIGITAKT does this also working on sending a video but of course when trying to recreate this prob it ain’t happenin lmao


Maybe a new staff of engineers or different programming language being used? since overbridge is in the works?this is the first batch of machines that are very moody


I mean I wouldn’t mind as much if it was a software issue, I can’t imagine the Rytm and the A4 mk2 can be that much different hardware wise, and from my experience the A4 mk2 was solid. I just wish some notification of the problems we are having or just something to indicate they are aware of some issues. Every ticket I have had open they just offered to replace them and my manufacture date was 2018. I get things happen but will It’s kind of strange to me when they don’t mind replacements without much concern. Anyways hope everything works out in future updates.


Yeah i find it weird too that they offer replacements so easily. Especially if people experience trouble with the replacements too. Would be nice if they would explain what can be wrong with it then (hardware wise), for us to understand. Would also be nice if other people would post their MKII experiences here, also the good ones. Are there people here with 0 trouble/freezes with the rytm mkII?



Here is my experience.
Two weeks ago, I bought a machine that had several bugs :

  • error message display / MISSING CAL: PADS,
  • sometimes the RYTM will not boot,
  • sometimes the machine stops responding correctly and goes crazy.

Elektron’s support told me to make an exchange. Since this weekend, I have a new RYTM. After two hours of use, unpredictable bugs were back (look at the video…).

I have opened a new ticket.


yes that looks like exactly the same issue I have. can’t seem to reproduce it by doing just one thing, it just happens sometimes.

I’ve also opened a ticket, also with a link to this thread. lets see what they reply…
(whats the usual time they take to reply? 1 week?)


Sorry, but you have to change your devices. I had the same issue and they said you have to change it. It is good to check new device just in the shop. So you have to upgrade to 1.40C then check it, just playing 10-15 minutes and pressing some random combinations.
I’v changed my device and new one doesn’t have this problem anymore. But sometimes it freezes…

Ok. Currently we have two symptoms on our pets:

  1. Freezing. When device doesn’t react to any knobs.
  2. Craziness. When device doing something by itself, and encoders affect to random parameters.

Point 2 means device must be changed.

Point 1? Do we have any answer from Elektron?


The answer is pretty fast. I opened a ticket on Friday night and got the answer this morning. The support told me to see my dealer to change units. No explanation on the nature of the problem.


I’ve got some explanation from someone at elektron today on the ‘craziness’ (the videos posted here; mastsbeats point 2)

“The issue with the UI acting up when the unit gets warm is a hardware issue. A few people have been very unlucky receiving a replacement unit with the same problem. It’s a combination of hardware and software, and until we might solve it with software we will replace the units experiencing this.”


I’m afraid its gonna be difficult to recreate this in the shop as the problem mainly seems to occur when the device is being used for a while (and gets warm).

The message from elektron seems to hold some hope that they can fix it firmware/software wise in the future. I guess this is the risk of pushing out a new product too fast (and buying it to soon haha). Disappointed!

Elektron always seemed like a steady company and hardware wise the machine looks virtually unbreakable.


as to mastabeats point 1:
elektron: “I don’t have any reports regarding freezes when scrolling samples, so I assume this has to do with the UI as well. However, this can be a separate issue but more reports would then be likely.”


Yeah, but I got freezing not when I was scrolling samples list. I was just playing