Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


Ah shit my pad mutes have been weird is that a hardware issue was hoping it’s software


Mine is constantly lagging hope it’s a software bug


I’ll one up y’all. I upgraded from firmware B, because it was failing to boot up, to firmware C. It worked for a few hours now it refuses to boot. Even with Func+Boot, does nothing and even when waiting a long while, doesn’t even cold boot anymore. Super disappointed, see video link


Oh man, that’s bad! That momentary flicker reminds me of the effect that failing capacitors had on some older (non-Elektron) boxes I’ve owned.

Hope it’s still under warranty. Good luck.


It’s a known hardware issue. Neither Elektron or the retailer has any qualms about sending a replacement. There are some crazy pad videos form other users with similar issues somewhere on the forum.


Oh dammit guess I will back everything up and put a ticket in shiet


On my second mk 2 unit keeps freezing on me, is this a hardware or a software issues ? I’ll be sending mine back Monday hopefully next one is ok


I need to backup my AR2. Is there a backup mode that will backup ALL projects/kits/sounds in one process, or do you have you backup each project individually?


Mine only freezes very occasionally when browsing and prelistening sounds/samples very fast. Someone recognize this?


Mine doesn’t freeze per se, but if I’m scrolling through the sample list in a project while playing back, often the AR will just close the sample select screen before I actually select a sample. Usually at the end of a pattern strangely.


i got new one. First was send them back for change. 2 weeks running perfect. today set os 04c and after half an hour freezes! Damn! what to think???


I returned my Mk2 Rytm. I had freezing in firmware B and total boot failures in firmware C, so many times in my short time with it. It’s not ready for commercial use and I certainly would never take it on stage. It’s disappointing because the A4 is rock solid. I don’t think it’s hardware dependent, but there’s something wrong with the software.


Yeah, kind of a bummer for sure. Had mine freeze on me twice yesterday for no reason, not the kind of thing I want to trust live yet.


This is not good to read. I bought a new Rytm MkII (and sold my rock-solid MkI to pay for it) just before moving house a month or so ago, but haven’t been able to spend any time with it yet. I hope I’m not in for a rude surprise! I don’t play out, so a freeze won’t hobble my work, but I do hope it’s not due to faulty hardware and can be fixed in a firmware update.


I submitted a ticket today asking if this is hardware related or if they think it will/can be fixed with a firmware update. I experienced the weird freeze behaviour again today after two hours of use. The rytm gets pretty warm I might add, was this the same with the MKI?


I 've had 3 freezes in 4 months. Pattern keeps sounding but all controls stop responding. Needs a reboot to function again. Have been told by Elektron support it sounds like a hardware fault and I should return the unit to the shop.


Bummer. Hate the idea of sending it back, waiting, only with the chance that the replacement device may have the same issue. Perhaps it was a faulty batch? Anyone any info on this? Or any people without any freezes whatsoever? Ha, those are generally nog the folks on this forum haha.


Send it back and tell the retailer you want it exchanged for a brand new factory sealed unit. I think some retailers may be recycling their returned units.


Mine does this too. It’s getting to be annoying.


Yeah, mine has done it 3 more times this morning alone. Sadly I think I will have to return the ARmkII, this is just not working out well for me. :frowning: