Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


Mine froze yesterday (third time I had used the unit) and absolutely would not boot up no matter what I tried. After about 30 mins I was able to magically boot it up again. That is completely unacceptable IMO. I do live shows, and I can’t use a piece of gear that may or may not power up when I need to use it. This is getting returned to Sweetwater.


Mannnnnm! Seriously, what’s going on over in Gothenburg?!?! I never had issues with the mark 1. This 104.b isn’t a bug fix release!
I think I’m going to keep mine, as I don’t play live, but Elektron needs to get all of these new products STABLE! Boutique instruments need to be accurate and bulletproof. A $1600 Fender guitar doesn’t simply cut out while strumming a G chord!



I´m hazzling with the THIRD faulty AR MK2 now.

• The first had the Record Button Bug > Record triggered all kind of random functions except record > returned to retailer
• The second failed to boot after a month > returned to retailer, waited 4 weeks for a new device
• The third device freezes or goes crazy when using Track select > will return it to retailer & won´t give it another try.

This is an impressive Error-Rate and is absolutely not acceptable.
It seems quality management is totally out of control @ elektron and they are not able to deliver tested & working devices anymore. I´ll stick with MK1s and won´t spend further money on elektron machines.


Currently awaiting my third unit. I’m not giving up though… as long as Sweetwater will keep shipping me replacements I’ll keep returning them until I get one that works. Why not? Can’t rain all the time.


Downloaded 1.40c, freezes up more now than it did before. Fiddling with kick drum controls (SRC, Filter, etc) all lights go on random screens pop up, unit freezes. Have to reboot. Duplicated again very easily. With or without midi connected, it didn’t matter. Sent ticket and pics to Elektron, but called sweetwater, they are sending me a new one. As I read other posts, I’m not too convinced a new one will even matter…


Great, my RYTM MK2 just came in the mail and now Im dreading opening it lol. If this thread is any indicator, I might just get a refund if it has issues and stick with my Tempest. Sad too, I got rid of my AR MK1 over similar issues.


My MKII froze up and then wouldnt start (OS1.40B).

After reading a message on here i repeatedly switched it on and off about 5 times. It then started up again.

I immediately updated it to MKII_OS1.40C via USB.

Since then it has frozen once.

fingers crossed.

Kinda annoyed since i hoped i could rely on it in a live/performance environment.


Anyone still have the occasional freeze issue with the newest firmware? I do…
does this mean I have a faulty device? just got it 2 weeks ago…


do you have a picture of which lights blink when the crash occurs? and what did you hear from elektron when you sent them?


What OS?


I have 1.40c


And again… Elektron fails.
What a company, selling overpriced units and having an arrogant attitude towards customers.
What a great products they could have doing their homework, QC and Beta testing better.


Yeah, they do seem to have many with bugs. I found a bug in the monomachine years afters release.

Still, i love Elektron. I think they’re the best out there by far.


Mine literally froze the first time I switched it on.
Sent it back, never looked back.
I love some of the Elektron machines (well, MD and MnM) but I would never involve them in a live performance.


Elektron told me it was a hardware issue and it needed to be sent in for a repair. Fortunately it was recently purchased from Sweetwater and I was able to send it back for a new one. Got the new one and saw that the 12 pads assembly seemed loose, meaning if I grabbed one of the the pads with my fingers and moved it back and forth a little bit not only would the one pad move slightly but all 12 pads, the entire assembly, would move back and forth inside the metal frame.

I sent that one back to Sweetwater and got a 3rd unit and that one had the same “loose pad” problem. Mind you my first one did not have that issue so I knew something was not right. Sent that one back to Sweetwater and got my 4th RYTM MKII, and the pads seem solid and I have had no freezing issues either BUT, I haven’t upgraded to the 1.40C either, which I won’t for now.


I’m on my 2nd AR2 (from Sweetwater). So far its been solid. Sounds fantastic too. I hope Elektron gets all of the bugs sorted out sooner than later. They’re going to lose a lot of customers if they don’t get a handle on QC and shipping out new products that are still in beta mode.


thanks for the explanation! i have a comparable issue/screen. im gonna contact support.


Got my AR2 last week new (Germany). So far it is working without any problems. I’m running os 1.40c and had zero crashes, freezes, boot problems, etc.
Yesterday I’ve used it at least for 4 hours running all the time with the internal sequencer and midi in via USB.
Sounds great. The AR2 is my first elektron product.

I’m curious if there are any other users without problems. I was prepared to see freezes etc. due to the number of hard- and software problems reported here in this forum.


Just got mine a few days ago and so far no freezes. There have been a couple times where it feels like it’s lagging behind on button presses though, like the display isn’t updating correctly when I press the shortcut for say Save Project. Still learning the finer points of it using it though, so not ready to rule out user error.


On to my 2nd AR2. First one went back with dodgy pad mutes. This new one crashed yesterday whilst dialling back a track length from 32 to 6 steps. No work lost but at least it didn’t happen during a headline slot at Sonar… haha haha AS IF!