Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


It probably bears repeating that the MK1 freezes too, though potentially less often than MK2. I have a MK1 and am nervous about using it live. In my opinion, this issue is not yet consistently repeatable, which is exactly what makes me nervous.


It’s very repeatable on my mk2 unit.


Help me understand this. Are you saying it’s repeatable in the sense that as long as you set up the variables you’ve described, that the machine will crash at some point within a 12 hr span? imho there is not a lot for the developers to work with there. (if this is even firmware related at all, which I suspect it might not be). To me, repeatable means that I know what sequence of events reliably trigger a crash, which I don’t. If I’m not understanding, I apologize. Anyway, my main point was just to say that MK1s have the problem too.

Has Elektron said anything about this?


That’s correct.

Perhaps but still a lot more than with any one-time or multiple-but-no-pattern freeze reports.

I’m in touch with them but haven’t heard back whether they could replicate. If not I think they should get my unit back and analyze it further themselves. I’m sure they have debugging methods that can tell a whole lot more about the state of the machine at the time of freezing. They previously told me they hadn’t been able to recreate a freeze in their offices, so given that mine is sure to freeze they’d have something to work on.


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Sure, it is about freezes, but why hide your opinion about the causes why Elektron disappoints in this case? Hiding this under the carpet wont help. Hopefully some Elektron people read this and act. The ARMKII was really pricey and finally I sold it with a financial loss, not the vision I had about it… hmmm, I think thats ok to vent a bit about it…

tc guys


Vent all you want, but adhere to forum guidelines.

Attacking someone for their views or experiences , as others have, goes beyond venting.
We reserve the right to remove posts that break the rules. Nothing being swept under the rug here (this thread still exists)

Carry on.


Had my 1st freeze two days ago. No overbridge, just doing some p-locks on compressor and then gone.
Bought the unit new, less than 6 months old. But after reboot, all OK.


Please help finding the cause of this by doing the test i described a little back in this thread.


I managed to get a refund from SchneidersLaden.

I hope you guys eventually get units that work. I will never buy anything made by Elektron again.

Adios Amigos!


I think that Elektron is going to eventually start suffering the consequences of many units crashing and being unstable. People talk about this stuff on all the synth forums and it doesn’t take long to develop a bad reputation. I hope Elektron gets the ship righted and back on course before this happens. Stop pumping out all the new gear for a bit and focus on fixing what’s already in your customer’s hands.


So very true…


Recently encountered freezing on MKI OS 1.45 while using chromatic mode.
Will update to 1.45B and see if the problem persists.


I encountered two freezes again. Running on 1.45B again, who needs OverBridge anyways :confused:

I run the test from dtr twice, but the device did not crash.

The freezes occur delayed (to the cause), it seems to me. So it is really hard to tell, what caused it exactly.

When the device freezes is mostly not under heavy load of ram/processor or +drive. That could also explain the delay (say it freezes after the saving/loading process).

I got the feeling, that every time before it crashed, I loaded or saved samples, projects, etc. just ahead. I can’t reproduce the freezing though.

Support has no idea…


Im thinking of purchasing an Analogue Rhythm 2. But this thread is putting me right off. I know the internet exacerbates problems, but it is a big outlay and the risk/reward is looking like a gamble i might just get a lemon.:anguished:


Good enough for Thom Yorke!




Oh you’re right, he uses an mk1.
Well, for what it’s worth, my MK2 pounds, and I love it.


Thanks. I guess you dont get to hear about the ones that are perfectly fine.


Would be interesting to know which OS he has installed on his machine. My MKI does freeze occasionally, as mentioned above.

On the other hand, I have played 120min shows and it ran with no hitches. But that was an earlier OS.