Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


Unit MKii with OS 1.46 beta1
Becomes very sluggish when sample browsing but doesn’t fully freeze.
The unit has been on for about an hour.
If plugged in to Windows 10 PC via USB with Overbridge turned off it freezes much quicker.
Freeze happens when knob twiddling, changing synth parameters.
Stereo outs to soundcard inputs.
Song continues playing but everything becomes unresponsive.
Restart fixes it but it will keep freezing unless the unit it turned off for a while. Temperature problems?


I had just started doing that this week. Received another new replacement (3rd unit now) from Elektron that froze right out of the box playing factory demo patterns. I did nothing of my own on it.

Just like you propose i took a systematic approach documenting the conditions and results exactly, while keeping it in original factory state. I really wish we can help Elektron solve this. Such a shame having this beautiful instrument tainted by this.

I m now at 8 test runs of which 5 froze. I think i can see a repeatable pattern emerging, though it could still be random corelation. I m doing a couple more tests and will post details.


I think it’s a great idea to exchange experiences with the freezes and keep the spirit high, maybe we can find some patterns and figure out some sort of work-arounds. But I can’t help being upset and super-annoyed with Elektron - the AR MKII being such a versitale and magical Instrument makes it even worse for me . I really hope the issue gets fixed soon!

So I got the similar problems as described by other users:

The AR MKII freezes during knob-tweaking (editing synth or filter parameters, didn’t happen during sample-browsing so far), audio goes on, but the instrument doesn’t react to anything I do, the display freezes until I shut it off.

OS 1.45B (as delivered from the retailer), the freezes also happen in stand-alone-mode, the onlything connected to it are instrument-cables from the main-out into my USB-audiointerface.

I already got my 3rd unit now, the same problem continuing.


What is very weird is that I never experienced any freeze, so I guess it’s less software related or even unit related than something in the environment.
Have you tried playing it standalone? (as in : no MIDI I/O, no USB, not even audio jacks : just headphones)
Have you tried with a portable battery? (to remove the power weirdnesses from the equation. Btw, 230V or 110V?)
Systematic approach starts with unplugging everything and investigating every possibility with the new thing you plug :slight_smile:


If multiple people have had multiple units fail under the same environment, being stand alone or usb / audio it could be grounding? Or power related. Or simply coding that conflicts with hardware, Just keep ss much information flowing as possible. Maybe even theoryless just stats…


I mean, if you manage to get a freeze with a portable battery and headphones, it shows plain and simple the unit is absolutely defective.


Hey there! Wondering about the problems you have with the rytm.
I use my Mk2 now for about 6 month for hours nearly every day and the only freeze i had was when turning it on.
Switched it off and on again and it worked fine.
I am not using OB, just rytm a4 into my soundcard.
Not sure about the os right now but i think i have 1.45b…
Also never had a problem with my mk1 before i bought the mk2…
Maybe i am lucky…


Battery power could dip and cause problems, no?

Many of the freezes in my testing happen after several hours. Are you guys using batteries that are 1) super stable and 2) last for 5 hours?

European 230v here.


Battery power is stable. My XTPower lasts a few hours, I have never tried up to the depletion but indeed it’s better to avoid full depletion I guess.
You often play for 5 hours ? I don’t think I ever let my AR on that long, maybe that’s why I never encountered any trouble…

:ballot_box_with_check: I’m EU 230 V here as well.


I would just ask for a refund. They sound like they’re more interested in pushing the machine back to you and keeping your money, rather than actually taking care of a customer.


I often have my studio on for a whole afternoon or even longer. Working on it, taking a break or doing some other work and coming back to it in several cycles.

But the point of these hours long tests is to try and find a pattern in the freezing conditions. I just leave it running while i m doing other stuff or off to work.


Good point!

Australian 240v here, original elektron power supply.


TL;DR: playing factory demo pattern B5 in combination with recorder view (but not recording) has a high probability of freezing my unit within a few hours, no connections other than PSU (no audio, no USB, no MIDI)

So I received my 3rd AR mk2 unit and I directly approached it analytically. My previous units had frozen either while turning knobs or while recorder view is open (though not recording). I unpacked it and started testing with the factory demo content, nothing of my own uploaded to it. Within minutes I had a freeze. I continued doing test cycles carefully noting the conditions and changing 1 or few parameters at a time. Also repeating the same tests to confirm results. I test with the recorder view open, which is a whole lot easier than turning knobs for hours on end.

Of course 12 tests with 1 unit have little statistical value but it can be a pointer for looking in the right direction.

When starting my tests, only connection is main outs audio to my analog mixer with balanced cables and the PSU. PSU is plugged into a large power strip. All the other devices on the strip are turned off. The mixer is turned on and powered from another power strip, that is on the same wall socket. This wall socket also has a PC, wifi AP/modem (within 1 meter range), printer and more plugged into it. PC and wifi modem are on. Wall socket is ungrounded. Ambient temp is 20-25*C.

OS 1.45B. EU 230V 50Hz.


#1-2-3 This exact procedure was followed each time:

  • power on

  • pattern B5 was already selected from previous session

  • press play

  • select filter encoder page: turn some knobs randomly

  • select mute pad page: toggle some mutes randomly, then unmute all tracks

  • open recorder view and set main outs source (but don’t start recording)

  • leave running unattended

First test froze after 10 minutes. Second after 30min. Third one within 8 hours (I was away from the studio so could have been anywhere between 0 and 8 hours). The unit was off for less than a minute between these tests.

For the next tests the nearby PC is off. Wifi is still on. I am not doing the random knob twiddling and muting anymore.

#4 pattern B5, REC (recorder view) PLAY (pads play page), FREEZE after 3-4 hours

<1min off

#5 B5 PLAY FILT (encoder filter page) (ie: recorder view not open), NO FREEZE after 12 hours

<1min off

Turned off mixer, still connected by audio cable.


<1min off

Plugged PSU in other power strip, still on the same wall socket.

#7 pattern A1, REC PLAY, 6h NO FREEZE

<1min off

Unplugged audio cables, now only PSU is connected.


1-2h off


1h off


2min off

#11 ultra stress test: took the kit used in B5 and made a new pattern with trigs on every step of every channel, alternating them for the linked channels 3-4, 7-8, etc. Set the BPM to 300 and let it play with REC view open. I thought this test would quickly freeze if it is due to concurrent events. I also turned knobs and muted for a couple of minutes during this test. Ran for 1,5h. NO FREEZE .

1h off

#12 B5 PLAY FILT (so no recorder view), 12h NO FREEZE

Can you guys/girls try factory demo pattern B5 and recorder view? Very curious whether this is repeatable on other units.

What’s also puzzling me is that with both my current unit and the previous I had multiple freezes minutes after first plugging it in, but later on it only seems to happen after several hours. I think I 've seen reports of people encountering freezes right out of the box too. Not sure what to make of this.


I started a pattern and ran it cranked up for 8 hours. I left my apartment while it was running. When I came back 8 hours later it was broken. Apparently my neighbor came in and smashed it.


Forgot to mention: I picked pattern B5 to test with because it’s a busy pattern, all tracks but one in use. A1 was picked at random to compare.

Another run:


Next thing I’ll do is take the unit to my workplace and test whether it happens there too.


That is exactly what they seem to be doing. They were happy to take my cash but are refusing to give me a refund.


There is no pattern, freezes are totally random. Maybe they used some alternative parts in serial production which differ from their original prototype… I am happy that I finally sold mine, wasn’t my piece of machine anyway… Good Luck guys…


If its code not getting on with parts it may be fixable once found. I endured dodgy encoders on my Blofeld until a OS patch adressed it. It can be illusive but easy to fix when found.

Having the same problem on that many units would say that its either many units that are in need of replacement parts or coding or power at your joint.


Anyone who wants to get past the speculations and anecdotal evidence around the issue can help (un)validating my test results. The steps are easy:

  • if you don’t have the factory demo project anymore, restore it
  • unplug all cables but PSU
  • turn on unit
  • select pattern B5
  • press play
  • click recorder button
  • select main out source (volume bar is now moving) (do not start recording)
  • leave running for 12h (I often do it overnight or while away to work) and report results

Repeated results have more significance. Even if your first run didn’t freeze, run it again (not all my runs with these parameters froze). If yours freezes consistently: start changing parameters one at a time. For example doing it without the recorder page open, or using another pattern.


Did my first run as described above last night.

No freeze🙄

Will repeat through the week sometime.