Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


I had issues with mk2 , sold it and got a mk1 , no problems with it. Much more capable at analog drums than the Analog 4/keys.


Mine is now freezing without USB connected!


same here


What OS?


Since it’s already my second Rytm that freezes and it only happens when touching it I’m starting to wonder if the cause could be some kind of electro static discharge thing. I used to have similar problems with a DJ controller and later the DJ controller manufacturer found the problem and said "Recently, we discovered that in certain environments, electro static discharge (ESD) could sometimes cause display lockups. Upon this discovery we were able to make hardware changes and improvements to resolve this issue. " So now I’m wondering if Rytm is suffering from a similar thing? Elektron was also unable to reproduce the freezing on my old unit, so it might depend on the environment? Any thoughts to this?


My Rytm MKII is freezing as well “out of nowhere” sometimes when loading samples. It also gets really laggy mostly when loading them.

Not sure, support is “interested” :slight_smile: I will have to keep an eye on the freezes. I only got this unit for some weeks. Every time I used it so far it froze at least once.

I play around with the Rytm on its own (and uploaded samples). No USB or MIDI connected while freezing, just headphones. OS 1.45B

Did anyone succeed with swapping units until you got a not-freezing-one? Or do they all freeze?


Everything is working now… i don‘t know why… But i didn‘t had a Single crash after reinstall the Firmware and now installed the beta for Overbridge… it just works perfectly :slight_smile:


I have sent mine back to SchneidersLaden.

I removed all off my work beforehand and tested it out with just the pre-installed project and couldn’t get it to crash. So I made a new project and went a full 2 hours playing with it before it froze.

I don’t know whether to just sell the replacement they are sending or to try again. :persevere:


Do you know what the manufacture date was on the ARmk2 that you sent back? I understand that the pad mute issues have been fixed, but the freezing being reported here is troubling.


If I remember correctly the manufacturing date was July 2018. It is back with the retailer now.


kaj33 I just checked my serial and it ends with -72





Yes, the manufacture date is listed as year/week, both in the serial number and on the label on the bottom.


From the serial is November 2018




I have just had an email from SchneidersLaden stating that they have fixed the machine freezing at startup by installing OS1.40D

The problem is that I never had any problems with it freezing at startup. The freezing happens when knob twiddling, that same as many of you guys are experiencing.

I think I made a major mistake buying the unit from them!


I have a MK1 and have occasional freezes. I’ve had at least one freeze on every version of firmware I’ve tried. I’m currently on the latest beta 1.46b1 ? Like others have described, the sound will continue, but the screen and all controls are unresponsive. Only a restart will fix. Doesn’t happen often, and can’t nail down what causes it. Only thing I can i.d. is that the unit had been on for over an hour for all of my freezes. So worried about this happening live :frowning:


Let get pro active… lets start a list of what we are doing when when the freeze happens. Even if seems random at first. List em here and maybe the patterns will become obvious, with the more data collected the more patterns present. This is data that should be sent to elektron with tickets as first priority, but there is no reason we cant also contribute to a solution here.

My last 2 freezes were when browsing for samples.
The unit was plugged into usb but OB engine was off.
The unit had been on for a few hours.
Temperature was ok (same as the A4).
Unit MKii OS 1.46 beta1

Also i had many devices chained through midi din and 6.5 jack…

MIDI 5 pin out to DT which sent through to A4 which sent out to sub 37 and cv out to sub phatty.

Audio ext in from the A4 which had a LR in from the 2 moogs, DT monitored through the audio ins in mono.

Headphones in ARmkii

Usb in the ARmkii

So thats a start. Im sus on the grounding especially when other devices are connected to the audio ins, i moved the usb to the DT and have had less problems. But that is based purely on a guess. Im not performing live so im o.k. pushing on with restarts…it doesnt lick up half as much as my blofeld.


Exactly the same as with mine. I bought the unit for live performance and there is no way I can use it for that.