Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


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I’m hoping that Elektron will start releasing OS updates that don’t cause as many problems as they solve.


First one end of 2017. I soon experienced occasional freezes. An OS update was supposed to solve it but after some months it reappeared. Sent it in for repair end of 2018. UI PCB was replaced. Didn t fix it. A couple of weeks ago it was exchanged for the 2nd unit. Had freezes almost immediately. Now waiting for the 3rd unit.


This is a shame. I was actually thinking about buying one but sounds like there’s way too many issues.

Perhaps they should fix their current products rather than pumping out new ones!

Does the MK1 have issues?


same here so waiting until Elektron gets the freeze bugs worked out. For now, my OT+A4 handle drums and pads fairly well.


Alright, so heads up, I’m gonna let you know, if I’m gonna have a working unit someday! For now I’m just gonna deal with it, wrinkle my nose when the AR stucks, then keep on going and recording some stuff …


We don t know what the percentage of faulty units is. We do know that people who have issues are highly likely to post here, but people that have fine units are much less. So far I see 2 people that had multiple bad units. Statistically this figure might be meaningless.

That said, i don t think there are any freezing reports from mk1 units.


Scrolled a bit more up in the topic. It s actually quite a few people that got multiple freezing units, though it seems an OS update last year did solve it for quite a few, but clearly not all…


Had my first freeze tonight. This is the first time I’ve spent more than about 30 minutes continuously changing parameters like I did though. I was messing around with the DVCO on one track only. I was tweaking the settings of the one machine quite a bit for about a half hour and suddenly it froze. The sound continued but every other control was non functional. I’ve had my unit for about a year and a half. The only other issue I’ve had is with one pad being overly sensitive in mute or track select mode, which I think is a hardware issue. As far as the pad issue, it didn’t seem enough for me to send this thing across the world quite yet, but this freeze tonight and after all the crap I’ve read about these over the last couple years, maybe it’s a lemon. I mean, it was $1,550 USD so that would be a damn shame, but yeah, this shouldn’t happen for something of this “caliber”. Started right back up and is right where I left off, however. I’m running the “1.46 beta1” at the moment.


The people having multiple bad units is probably half the reason I haven’t sent mine back yet to be repaired or replaced. I fear it will come back with a new issue or worse than before. My issues haven’t really been too bad, but enough for me to complain about at this price point.


That’s a shame. As much as I don’t want to feel this way, at the end of the day elektron is screwing up. They’re doing a terrible job with quality assurance. There have been far too many of us here complaining about myriad issues with this high priced supposedly high quality equipment. I know other people share this opinion, the fact that they’re releasing one new thing after another as we all sit here waiting for a finished Overbridge and for them to fix our almost 2 year old machines, is ridiculous.


i’m waiting for my first replacement now, Lovely sound tho! no doubt!


My new Rytm MK2 arrived today. 2 hours of playing and 4 freezes… I can‘t work with that Unit. Will send it back to the Dealer… it‘s a shame!


Hi Devilfish. Do you have it connected to your computer by USB? Mine has been OK without USB connected.


Interesting theory…I also don’t experience freezes, and don’t have my USB connected in 6 months of heavy use.


I never use usb and had 2 units freezing repeatedly.


Unbelievable. Sorry to hear that. If you are getting a replacement unit, make sure you tell your dealer that you want a factory sealed box, otherwise you might end up getting someone else’s returned unit. Keep us posted on how it turns out.


I m dealing directly with elektron, which are helpful at trying to get it sorted for me.


Hopefully they aren’t too busy getting their next new product ready to release.


Man, I sold my 4th replacement RYTM MK2 back in September 2018 and decided to check back on this thread to see if Elektron ever issued an update to take care of this. Can’t say I regret my decision to switch it for a Digitakt and delegate analog drum tasks to my Analog Keys (which has been phenomenal at the task).

Best of luck guys, hope you get the solution you deserve at some point.