Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


My advice would be to do as i did. Sell the mkii and get a mki. Mk1 is much more reliable.


Totally agree. Unacceptable even in a $100 piece of equip let alone something that costs $1400.


Both units were mk1. :frowning:


Weird. I’ve had an MK1 since release and the only time it has frozen on me was when I was blasting it with too much MIDI. What were you doing when it froze?


I’m having this issue for 2 years. I found out that running my RYTM/A4 directly through my mixer using phono channels works fine, but as soon as I connect it via USB It gets bugged


How are your Rytms doing? I just got a replacement for my previous MKII because of this freezing but now this new unit froze too… Did anyone get one that did not freeze?


Same here. Sent in my first mk2 for a repair. After the repair it still froze. Sent it in again and got a new replacement unit. This new one now freezes too. Elektron is helpful at trying to solve it but this sequence of events leaves me scratching my head.


What OS do you use? I’m using the 1.46_BETA1 OS and experience a lot of crashes/freezes. 1-3 weekly (depends on how much i use it of course); a few days ago it even froze twice in 1 hour.
im using the Rytm standalone. (i tried overbridge a few times though, thats why im using the beta OS). im just hoping this is a beta firmware problem…


I had problems with various OS’s with the first unit. It’s strange that it only happens when I turn the knobs, especially if I’m using it with both hands… Does your freeze on its own or also just when using it?


I’ve been on 1.46 for a long while and haven’t had many issues. maybe 1-2 freezes. had plenty of nights where it’s been fine all night. Feels mostly stable to me. There’s a few UI things that get tied up that I put in reports for. but haven’t had many issues overall.


Current unit is 1.45b. Previous unit froze on several os versions. I m not using overbridge.

Previous unit seemingly froze on knob twiddling, though i can t be 100% sure it hadn t frozen before i touched the knobs.

Current unit froze with the recorder view open (but wasn t actually recording, just monitoring input level) and no knob twisting.

Very very temptative pattern here is that it freezes while the display is being updated. This happens both when twisting a knob and while monitoring recorder level without touching any knobs.


that’s my experience too! freezes happened either while turning knobs or monitoring input level…


Also if you’re browsing a folder for samples while the sequencer is playing the ui and entire feedback structure (trig led sequencer along the bottom, Led feedback on the pads) starts to eventually slow down and makes the machine really slow to respond almost like a freeze. Seems like there’s something. Eating up memory for the interface somewhere or something causing it to bog and “freeze”


My RTYM mkii freezes as well. I have the latest beta OS installed to work with overbridge. It happens mainly when knob twiddling. Also, the unit becomes very unresponsive when browsing samples from the +Drive using Func+Yes.

However, unplugging the unit from USB has given me 3 days without a freeze and browsing for samples also works better.


Going to have to try unplugging mine. Havent noticed slowdown in the sequencer but sample browsing has been pretty rough.


Sequencer Audio is fine. The ui is what I notice slowing.


i don’t have usb or midi plugged and still freezes


I’m also courios if the MKII freeze-issue finally got solved for anybody here??
I really fell in love with that machine and I want to use it, but it can’t trust it, so our “relationship” seems fragile. Already got my 3rd unit - with the same issue, freezes when tweaking the parametes a lot, I’m wondering if it’s worth hanging in there and keep sending the units back … someone please cheer me up.


I m in that same boat… just sent back my 2nd unit.


when did you get these units?