Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


They did answer to me the next day.


I solved the issue bu returning the faulty unit to the shop, got a full refund so after much testing I got TR8-S…
Permanent fix. Happy customer… :stuck_out_tongue:


So what’s going on here?
Has Elektron been in contact with any of you? Is it software?

I’d think it’s either heat, too sensitive pads and buttons or both.

Emailed them couple of days ago but have not received an answer but they might chill since it’s summer (which is like the only excuse I’m able to accept). I bought one and rthen eturned it for another one. Seems to be the same problem.

Think I craved the serial number stuff though. 72 is probably nothing to do with batch or when it’s made… I believe it’s part of the product identifier or factory maybe…
Unless it’s like 2100-72 = 2018, the letters are the months and the numbers are either dates or weeks in plain numbers or maybe a code like encrypted hexadecimal numbers (no probably not) but the months I’m almost sure of. Months that are not the only month that starts with that letter gets two letters like JA for January, JU for June and JL for July, A for August and so one.

What’s going on? I wish elektron would give an honest official statement about the problems. Are they working on it? it’s so stupid to return one minute just to get another problematic one and this is the stuff that really hurts a brand, in my point of view at least. Better to let us know they’re working on the solution, let us know if it’s hardware or software, give us some promise about fixing the hardware issue when it’s solved and and estimate date and let us know it’s free as long as we provide them with a video of the issue or something. Wouldn’t mind holding off from using it live until it’s fixed but if I don’t know and receive a 3rd faulty unit I’d probably return it and look elsewhere for quality products. I hope that I won’t have to though.

Come on please. It’s such a fantastic machine and I really love it’s sound and inspiring interface.


My pads are acting up again. Frustrating turn of events after sending it all the way to Sweden to have this fixed. It’s not as bad as it was, but it is nevertheless heart-wrenching. I spent so much money on it and if it can’t be fixed, I’ll be stuck with a clunker. It’s too late for me to return it to the store, so I’ve got no choice but to persevere with what might be an endless run of repairs/recalibration. I really hope they work this out.


I’ve been literally dealing with Elektron’s utterly poor support since June 27th and only barely got a brief, dismissive response yesterday that they’re going to setup an RMA. This is really sad, I loved this company and have owned many of their products but from what I can tell buying a RYTM MK2 is like buying a $1500 lottery ticket in the hopes that you win a functional product. I get that not everything is perfect and room for error is to be expected with anything you buy, but theres a point where a company needs to be forefront with communicating these issues to its customers. The lack of exchange or care given on their end is appalling.

Much like all the other horror stories I’ve heard about being sent non-functional replacements (sometimes in a row), I expect I’ll have to deal with that as well. The moment I get a functional replacement from them, I’m pawning it. The recent comments on their Facebook page say it all, really.


There is european regulation about this
3 major fixes and still problems = money back.
Still sucks, But Just send it back till you have a working machine, Or get money back!


So close to pulling the trigger this weekend on the MKii but this has definitely given me pause…


I wonder if that regulation applies to US buyers? I hope I end up with a working machine - I’d rather have a working Rytm than my money back. No other drum machine has appealed to me as much as the Analog Rytm - with the exception of the Machinedrum. I have confidence that it will get worked out. Elektron support has been top notch.


I was in your shoes less than 3 months ago, my advice is to hold off until they address the issues mentioned in this thread. I really want Elektron to succeed on this, but their level of service at the moment has been making it damn near impossible to remain loyal to them. As someone who really loves their Analog Keys, it pains me to say that.


If you buy from elektron directly, you deal with european law


I’ve been super frustrated with Elektron’s buggy (and incomplete) machines as of late, but they’ve always been really responsive and helpful whenever I submit a support ticket.

I hope it all gets sorted out for you.


I would like to share my experience on this.

When I first got the Elektron Analog Rytm and it had this issue I updated it to the latest OS, the problem seems to have been just as bad.
When I got my second unit, I was really frustrated that it within minutes had the same issue but I must say that after upgrading it to the latest OS I haven’t had any issues whatsoever. Might be that the earlier produced units (my first was built in February) don’t respond as well as the later built units (my current unit was built in June)?

I understand that Elektron is a bit quite about this, and certainly if they have not seen a big number of returns, if they post about it it could make people send back their units “just in case”… Not the most honorable logic but a normal and I guess common one in the world we’re living in today.

Juste figured I should share my experience so that it’s not only my negative feedback that is showing.


How do you know when your unit was built? I’m curious about mine. It doesn’t seem to have this problem, but I just bought it and I’m brand new to these units so I’m hoping it doesn’t show up suddenly.


I haven’t had any issues with my RYTM MKII yet after a week of use. The serial number on my unit also has a “-72” at the end, but I also notice a sticker on the box with “Print Date: 6/3/18” on it. I’m assuming that sticker was put there by Elektron, but I’m not sure.


I might be wrong but the serial number seems to contain a letter such as F or JU… I might be terrible wrong but I’d think that this is the month. If there’s a month with the same first letter there’s two letters if it’s like February it’s only one letter, the letter F.

I’ve not seen enough units to be sure if this but I’m holding on to it until someone can prove me wrong (show me a unit that has the letter Q or U or I and I’ll shut up)… About the -72… I’d think that’s on all MKII units because it does more seen like a model identifier than a serial number, or has there been any one without -72 on the end?

Mine is still working without issues since the last OS update and I placed it on a really stable ground. I’d recommend you guys to make sure the unit isn’t placed on something that can move even for just an eight of an inch… If you play it and the unit is shaken just a little bit, it seems to trigger random buttons.


I have not issues with my unit. no freezes so far. Above the serial number is a number “MFGDT: 2018-W03”. This looks to me like “Manufacturing Date 2018 week 03”.
Also part of the serial-number is “…1803P…” which could be also 2018 week 3


Boom. There it is. Thanks for pointing that out. I’m W09, looks like end of Feb early Mar. And yes, my SN has 1809 in it at the same location (just before the two letters in the middle). I think that’s it! So far it’s been a true joy to play with.


My Mk2 also freezes and also make this strange thinks when i mute hihat the kick also is mute and when i make distortion to hihat the distortion of the kick also is apply.Then i make factory reset but noting after that i make empty reset and now my AR do not freezes and work properly!


Well, after about 6 or so weeks I finally got my replacement RYTM MK2 back, and this one as well has the exact same problems as the last - locking up on boot and randomly displaying MISSING CAL: PADS when it gets to the UI. For those that are curious, the MFGDT is 2018-W16.

Man, this is pitiful. I can’t even sell this thing and move on because anyone who buys it will think I was trying to rip them off lol.


Mine was acting up (wouldnt boot) when I had a fan plugged into the same power brick. I unplugged the fan and everything worked. Can you try a different power outlet in a different room to see if there is perhaps an oversensitive powerboard in the Rytm.