Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


My AR mk2 was stable for a few months and then all of a sudden the +drive kept freezing. I logged a ticket with Elektron and asked how to back it up properly before I sent it back for repair, they avoided answering the question properly and gave really limited and poor quality responses, they then took 4 days to respond each time I tried to get clarity on the answer; I gave up in the end and took it back to the retailer, and it then sat there for 2 week’s whilst they did nothing about it - incompetent. Finally it got sent back to Elektron, who turned it around quite quickly, and I’m expecting to get it back tomorrow - basically it’s taken a month to resolve. I hope this doesn’t happen again as don’t want to have to put up with this poor service again. Excuses like ‘we’ve been really busy’ just don’t cut it with me. You pay a lot of money for professional equipment - so it’s fair to expect quick and professional support - however this is not the case.


Just had a freeze last night after using the unit for several months with absolutly no issue, which lead me to believe, it’s not hardware ? but potentially a system crash of some sort ?
Filling a ticket on this issue is problematic as its hard to reproduce.
Let’s see if it is happening more and more often…


Sounds like my ARmk2 problem. Still not got it back yet. I suggest you back up your samples via Transfer and your projects via C6 if you can.

Elektron reloaded the OS and made a factory reset - would you believe the whole process has now taken over a month to resolve. I’ve lost a quite a bit of respect for the retailer, Juno, and Elektron through this process. They need to sort themselves out!

Good luck with your repair dude :grin:


I ll seee if it keeps on happening… hopefully just a bug :smiley:
Not too happy if i have to go thru the same process : it looks tidiouuuus


Well, to follow up on my post in this thread from March regarding possible RYTM MK2 buyers regret - sure enough my AR stopped booting last night and just locks up at the Elektron logo. Went into test mode and it failed a UI check, upgraded the OS from 1.40C to 1.40D and it booted fine, then failed again. This time the diagnostics return negative results for the audio and OS. Submitted a support ticket but have yet to hear back. Suffice to say as a fan of Elektron gear, this leaves me pretty disappointed for a $1500 drum machine. At this point I’m seriously debating if I should just get it repaired and sell it before anything else goes wrong lol.


Just to add to the chorus

Brand new ARII received June 30th from Juno in the UK, sealed box. “Missing cal: pads” Long reboots (6 mins!) or none at all, not even a logo. Erratic behaviour including UI glitches.

Serial ends in ‘72’ and shipped with 1.40C (if that helps dating it)

Sad face.


I purchased my Rytm mk2 from too. It froze a few times. The UI froze while it continued to play. I also got the error message at boot up(in screenshot in prev post) . I sent it back to Elektron. Elektron sent me out what looked like a new one immediately on arrival of problematic unit. Sold the replacement and got a mk1. I’m not all that keen on the new form factor. They should keep the classic enclosure. All these new machines… i wish they’d just release one quality item.

I recently purchased a digitakt. While nicely built it only has one filter type which to me makes it feel unfinished; like its been rushed to market. Sold that too.


Sigh. Well today it’s booting up fine … I don’t know what to make of it. Should I trust this unit or not?


Has any one got any permanent fixes from elektron with all these issues, I seriously want to buy one but $2500 Aud is a massive risk when the reliability is a serious issue.


If you are going to use it live, then I would wait. I still get the ocassional freeze. I dont think its a harware issue though.


What’s scary is that even if your machine has never had any issues, is it all of a sudden going to freeze at a gig? That would be a total nightmare.


Currently its Russian roulette I’m afraid.


I raised a support ticket asking if they recommend I get the retailer to replace it or not. No reply today.


Elektron says it rarely doesnt work
I had 3 A4 mk2 units, the last one was fine (really fine)
I had one ar mk2, endless amount of bugs and problems
Elektron has big problems with these units
And their resources are packed with overbridge, Or some other thing
But the problems are not sorved

I dont rely on elektron, unfortunately


If I understand correcly, some of the issues are faulty calibration for example pads randomly triggering in mute mode. I wonder if they cant leave the calibrating up to the customers if this is the case. Most of us know what we are doing.


Mine had pad calibration issues and in fact I am expecting it back from Elektron today. They told me that pad calibration could not be performed by the user. If memory serves, it requires special equipment.


Thats unfortunate. Lets hope they sort it out soon.


Might have to hold of purchasing until everything solved or look for alternatives it’s unfortunate as there old stuff was really reliable and had no issues performing live with it.


My pad calibration error still hasn’t returned. I don’t know what to do :frowning: If I leave it much longer the retailer won’t let me do a replacement, just a repair.

I’ve raised a support ticket but no acknowledgemnt.

Has anyone heard of the pad cal error going away of its own accord?


Does anyone know what the average turnaround time is to get a response on a trouble ticket? I submitted one almost a week ago and have yet to even get an acknowledgement from them.