Analog Rytm MK 2 Freezes!


Super new unit crashing day after day. Playing as usual, turning knobs and suddenly it freeze! stop responding but sound still going. Display shows last image, sound continuos to play. Seems like analog circuit is allright but controlling chip falls down by some reason. I loaded last firmware, but the same going on. If its software problem it could appear with everyone. If hardware. hope Elektron team will replace it. Already put a ticket.
What do you think?!

A.R. MK 2 is it safe to buy ?bug free ,crashing free

Sorry to hear this. If I were you I’d return it for a new one. I pick my AR2 up today. I hope it works perfectly (as it should), but if it doesn’t, it’s being returned immediately.


Are you sending MIDI to it?

I’ve had a couple of freezes like this on the mk1 (it keeps playing but all controls are unresponsive) in the last month.

It seems like it’s a frequent issue with the mk2. Hopefully it is a firmware issue that can be fixed.


Very interesting: I had the same error with my MK1 AR. I was using it with Midi and analog audio (no overbridge). It was in external clock mode, clock was coming from ableton. But that should be irrelevant since a midi signal is just a midi signal. It was most fun to switch the AR off and on again and hit play in the right moment (I was on stage and had did not want to interrupt my set).


I’m pretty sure it happens only when synced to MIDI clock. Were you using the USB connection? It is the most likely suspect, and if that’s the case, I suspect the issue comes from whatever they’ve done to the OS to enable Overbridge functionality.


I don´t remember if I used din or usb for midi clock. But your theory makes a lot of sense! Let´s hope for a bugfix in a future update.


Definitely worth testing this. UDB MIDI has been a shit-show with a lot of hardware. All the synths I have with a USB connection have some issue or another (usually sysex transmissions/ firmware updates) when using it.


It’s not about midi i guess. It’s happening with out any midi connections as well. Today i’ve done factory reset and again reloaded 1.40B on it via usb.

Does anybody has such issue with elektrons? Maybe Once at life or so. I want to investigate this issue.


This problem on the MK2 is pretty common (and totally unacceptable).


I wonder if Elektron team know about it. They have to


Statements like this bother me since this is the first time I’ve seen it discussed and in this thread so far only the OP has had an issue with the mk2. Is there somewhere else you have heard about it?

I’m using usb midi to control an AR-2 and A4-2. Its only been 2 or 3 months but its daily use and no freezes.


I have heard about it both here several times and from another MK2 owner I know personally.


I finally got my AR2 yesterday. I’m happy to say that, so far, all of the buttons and pads are working perfectly, and the machine feels very solid.

Also, it sounds spectacular. I was a little bit worried when I returned my frozen Digitakt and opted to get an AR2 instead, because the DT (when it was working) sounded so damn good. The AR2 sounds ginormous, and you can feel it moving some serious air when going through a proper PA (which I fortunately have).

The only snag I’ve run into so far (which I’m sure is just a user error/not knowing the machine yet) is that I bought a handful of Elektron’s soundpacks, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get them all (including the samples) into my AR2 without losing all of the Factory kits/sounds.

Two big thumbs up so far.


I have this problem as well. It’s a brand new unit that shipped with OS 1.4B. I am not using MIDI and am not connected to any external device. The Rytm MK2 freezes, meaning that when playing it will suddenly become non-responsive to any button presses at all. Audio continues to play but there is no way to modify or stop it without powering down. The unit is unusable with this defect. I submitted a ticket.


If you bought it from a shop you should return it now before the 30 day return period expires.


thats what i’m talking. How do you think its software? i made factory reset and put once again firmware over usb. 2 days testing yet playing) People who don’t yet meet that shit has a risk also if it software problem. Otherwise its maybe chip memory defect.
ps i’m already waiting for 2 weeks response for a tiket. added a video aslo.


Picked up a brand new unit this saturday after having issues with the pads and freezing… unfortunately the new unit just ‘froze’… getting in line for #3




My MK2 has frozen twice since I got it two days ago. No midi in whatsoever…tweaking sound parameters while finger drumming (no sequence playing), the unit became completely unresponsive and I had to reboot! I was using synth and samples.
Never had this issue with my old mk1!
Guess I’ll have to open a ticket, even though I cannot replicate the errors% ugh.


Thanx for writing here, hope that helps to find out the reason of that problem. Its already 3rd time.