Analog Rytm + Analog Four - MIDI Pattern Change Not Working


Hello everyone,

I am having trouble getting program (pattern) changes to sync between the Analog Rhym and Analog Four.

This is what I have done:

  1. Connect MIDI cable from Analog Rytm MIDI OUT to Analog Four MIDI IN
  2. Set Analog Rytm to “Send Program Messages” in the MIDI Config
  3. Set Analog Four to “Receive Program Messages” in the MIDI Config

I know the MIDI cable is working, as transport controls work. If I press play on the Analog Rytm then the Analog Four will start playing.

However, if I change the pattern on the Analog Rytm by selecting bank A -2, the Rytm will switch from A-1 to A-2, but the Analog Four continues playing A-1 and never switches patterns.

Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding something?


Problems like this are almost every time related to wrong scale menu settings ([FUNC] + [PAGE]).

Please post your settings from A4.

But first, of course, check the channel settings like @Enthalpi suggested below.



You need to configure the same midi channel for program change on both.


Thanks Enthalpi, that fixed it.

I set both to Send/Receive Program Changes on Channel 16 and now it works when I switch patterns it switches on both.

They were set to AUTO before, but that doesn’t work apparently? I’m not sure exactly how MIDI Ch. AUTO works…


AUTO will work when the AUTO channel is configured to the same number on both machines. :wink:

If you send data to the configured AUTO channel the data gets forwarded to the active track. That’s useful, for example, when you have a MIDI keyboard connected and want to play always the active (selected) track.


Thank you!


Have fun :wink: