Analog Keys Videos

Actually sounds great, and very versatile.

Certainly not the very best demo by Elektron but to be fair Cenk has so much more experience (probably than anyone) with their gear and he is comfortable in front of the camera from doing it so much too.

Unless I am mistaken, the guy giving the demo is Alex from Elektron L.A., the super-cool guy who just fixed my AK in a few days even during Namm week. So, in case any of you ever need repairs, I hope he isn’t reading this thread either, LOL. If it is him though, I know for a fact he is on Elektronauts…

to be fair, Cenk’s demo on the keys wasn’t that impressive either

he obviously isn’t a keys person, regardless of if he knows the gear inside and out

to be clear, I’m not knocking him in any way, I’m not a keys guy either…point being, experience counts :slight_smile:

I agree and am not being hyper-critical. It’s the fact that it’s an instrument on a different level, opening Elektron’s potential appeal to we keyboard players whom are ALSO not accustomed to simply pushing buttons maniacally and mechanically. (nor do we necessarily have time or enough hands to be only on Elektron gear) With that acknowledgment and said, I really think it would behoove Elektron to recruit someone whom IS a keys player to not only offer demos but also do tutorial videos with the AK without a bunch of other machines connected, AND to step through the multi-map and using other synth modules from other manufacturers via midi, showcasing just how the AK could be used as a controller of our other gear while also utilizing the AK engine.
The method of working for most keyboard players is dramatically different from typical Elektron music making in that in composing music, having more structure with the freedom of using our other keys and synth rack modules in addition instead of being solely Elektron-centric.
They need to treat the AK as it is–a game changer…for musicians and Elektron’s market reach.

you have to admit he is phenomenal working elektron boxes though

Hello everyone. Sorry for my late entry, but I finally got around to register :slight_smile: I spent yesterday morning playing through my newest patches on the Analog Keys - and now I want to share it with you guys :slight_smile: I hope you’ll enjoy some of them at least, he he.

Elektron adviced me to start a new thread with the video, and it’s right here:

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Here we go,

I tried to cover sound design, using joystick n aftertouch as well as the sequencer in a 4 in 1 video, enjoy!

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btw, screen overlay +++ :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s an important feature of any analogue synth, esp modulars. :slight_smile:

I think he had some perf mode stuff tweaked and didn’t know how to un-tweak it. I feel for the guy man… he looks sooooo nervous!

@Dataline - great video. I think that overlay is great also. Makes it much more useful!

One thing I’m wondering, is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the joystick? From most of the videos it seems too sensitive to allow subtle smooth parameter changes.

There are 15 parameters for the joystick. 5 up (modulation). 5 down (breath control). 5 right and left (pitch bend). You can set up the ammounts individually for each of the parameters. Wild or subtle is up to you.

Looking into this, got some money coming my way and need to get some kit outside the box. AK is on the list along with tempest & xobox. Glad to hear a more edm style of demo. Checked out Cuckoos demo earlier in the thread providing brilliant insight, this demo however is starting to tick the boxes.
Hopefully find a store with stock to demo :slight_smile:
Now onto scour more videos …

dataline’s video is what really sold me, the sound of this thing is awesome and it’s just like the monomachine keyboard, which to me has the fastest workflow possible.

now I will watch Cuckoo’s video and wait for it to arrive :slight_smile:

I made this video when I first got mine

I need to make another one now that I know my around it


From HQ :

Hey everyone. I just made a lengthy sort of tutorial on the Analog Keys sequencer, and Song Mode. Perhaps someone will find it useful.

so cuckool,

tnx mate, not so many new things, but a few… and very nice to have all this information in one tutorial.

Thanks. And especially for newcomers.

Fantastic. I watched this and the RYTM video last night more as reminders on how things work. If I’d had these when I got my gear I would have been so happy!!

Hope you do an Octatrack one soon.

And also… damn - pattern A01 is just so effortlessly cool. I could listen to that all day.

Any plans to release your sounds? I’d definitely buy / support a Cuckoo Soundpack.