Analog Keys + Sub 37

Hi, there are one or two threads of people comparing the AK vs the Sub 37. Are there any folks here using them together?

I spent too much time trying to figure out how to use my Monotribe via CV as an additional oscillator for my AK (ending in failure, I think my Monotribe OS did not update properly). Today I saw this clip (which probably already made the rounds months ago) of a sound engineer who played 10 analog synths together for a super saw:

Wow, it was massive. Then it dawned on me, forget the Monotribe - I could try playing my AK and Sub 37 together using MIDI. I have to get some 5 pin MIDI cables to test it out. Has anyone here tried that?

I did a cursory scan on youtube and found a few clips of the Analog Rytm and Sub 37 being MIDI synched - but nothing with the Sub 37 and AK together.

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