Analog keys external knobby box



I recently got my hands on an analog keys and I’m thinking about making a little espansion box of knobs/encoders to control some key parameters, to get a bit more hands on.

I think encoders would be best, to avoid parameter jumps, but this either requires that my box knows the current state of the parameters it wants to control or that it can send parameter increment/decrement nrpns.

Does anyone on here know:

  1. Does the A4K accept INC/DEC type NRPN messages? (easiest approach)
  2. If I can request a parameter dump / sysex dump via a midi command?
  3. If sysex, has anyone reverse engineered the dump spec?

Any help would be much apppreciated!


I don’t know the details but I do recall Mathias (aka Mr Faderfox) saying the OT is the only Elektron device which currently allows this kind of bi-directional communication.

Maybe he can help? Was probably in this thread:


Thanks. Any ides Mr @faderfox ?


After testing, I can say that the AK doesn’t respond to NPRN inc/dec commands, which is a real shame.


And I’m buggered if I’m going to try and reverse engineer the sysex dump, so I guess I’ll just use pots instead