Analog Keys as sound card with Presonus Studio 1

I record my Analog Keys (latest OS) into Presonus Studio 1 Professional, latest version, as individual tracks via Overbridge (latest version), on Mac OS High Sierra. No problems there. But I’d also like to try running VST instruments through one track on the Analog Keys, to use the analog filters om them.

I do not get this to work. The Overbridge manual is not very helpful either.

Two things:

  1. Does the Analog Keys have to be the sound card for Studio 1 in this case, i e do I have to choose it for both recording and playback?

  2. If I choose it for both recording and playback, how do I physically route the sound from the DAW out to my speakers? I thought perhaps the main outs of the AK, but I hear nothing there. Neither from the headphones output.

Anyone used these two together and can help me out?

Hey Daniel,
I know this is over a year old, but I have a very similar situation and was wondering if you figured these out?

Sorry, I’ve sold the AK. Never figured those things out before I did.