Analog Keys £500


Got the power cable and original box, costs about 35 quid to post it to sensible places.


Ooooft that’s a crazy price!

You’ll need to add pictures to sell here mate, and as you’re new it might be an idea to link to some other places you’ve sold (ebay, reverb etc). :blush:


Maybe collection is better anyway, greater london area


I could be interested in collection.Where are you exactly?


could do reading or london, or places like slough, maybe take it to oxford, where abouts are you? (sorry I dont know how to send PMs on here)


Just click on monk_1 and send message,i will message you


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Ok thanx.Scoob you will have to put some more info up.Im based in Brighton btw and can travel a ways to pick up thanx


ok give me a minute



This allright?