Analog Heat

I think I smell burning…

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is there any chance the Heat could become usable as an audio interface for iPad with a firmware update? I’m skeptic about it, but it would be really great

OB for da :heat: is ready :ecstatic:

Time for weekend :thup:


Has any body used this in addition to the other OB units? Maybe Dataline was talking about this in that video. But recording the A4/AK separate tracked with RYTM and then OB-ing the Heat as a bus send effect? Does that work alright?

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To me it’s working well, i reflect that in my POST :

Then what i think :

I think that the whole process of an Overbridge session should be in two times though. Processing with the Analog HEAT should not done on Overbridge Audio Stream, it’s OK for previewing though. But Still i prefer to use it on bounced/resample/jam recording. WHY ? because it’s make more sense to me and also because the margin need to be set at 100 at least on my system rather than AR/A4/AK who can perfectly work with margin at 50 and also i prefer to get my audio DRY and Processing with the abilities to come back on my processing choice FULL UNDO or PARTIAL UNDO few days later… but generally speaking i prefer to take time to come back on processing with hear fatigue and everything i like to have the possibilities to change my processing or re-tweak to make it better.

Dataline in his very nice video share another way of thinking more focus on Live Processing and Live Setup. Rather to Music production on Track basis.

BUT : in Analog way and Real Time Processing of course ! Yes… i speaking more on track focus through computer. Kind of hybrid setup where you making and mixing your track on elektron device and the computer.


But, you can record the Analogs as audio streams and the Heat as midi, so as long as the Heat is activated in OB you can preview it as originally recorded and bounce it as is if that’s good, or rerecord it if you want to modify it, right?

Of course YES. I guess there’s so many way of working with Hybrid setup. It’s very subjective.
But still then it’s a matter of sync, latency and what you can find acceptable. The less you have the more is TIGHT and STABLE.

The best i found is to have two version of a project. [Midi & Processing] and [Audio - Flatten]… I always kept MIDI things so i can re-import it, rework, rebounced/resample… But most of the time i work in an optimized version of my project… i also come-back to midi & processing depend of what i will make as automation on a track basis in the arrangement-construction of the track…

But it’s a question of STAGE in the process mostly
Ableton-Bitwig/Hardware > Idea - sketch (Track production but it’s sources are mainly on the hardware like 70% - 30%)
Logic Pro-Reason > Arranging (Track production)
(Live Performance) Hardware > no computer


Hmm! I just figured once I had Ableton Logic would no longer be necessary. How do you figure Logic beats Ableton at arrangement?

I just prefer Logic or Reason for that PART. (Probably Workflow and ITB optimized processing i guess well focus on it, i also prefer the sound coming out of it compared to Ableton)
I like Ableton and Bitwig (recently because i find it more stable and pleasant to use with Overbridge) for Create very advanced in the process Ideas

BUT it’s subjective certainly, quality of ITB Bundle comes with it. (i really like alchemy, space designer etc…) There’s few Reason Racks i really like to use and as it’s cheaper than standalone one, i have it as reason rack and use it REWIRED.

So it’s kind of on the budget ratio with quality, and workflow. That’s why also i develop an organized strategy in file organization because i switch a lot. Depend about the project. I think to this here, that elsewhere so i constantly switch to get what i want.

The only standalone VST important to me are : FXpansion Strobe, Synthmaster, DIVA, ACE, ZEBRA, Massive, Padshop, Serum, + Few experimental things i used sometimes +Few things on my iPad mainly Granular experiment and animoog
and for FX : Cableguys, FXpansion Bloom, Etch, Maul, K-meter, Boys lab Imperial Delay, Fabfilter, Dynamic Spectrum Mapper 2, Elysia, Magic AB2, TSAR1 Reverb, Overloud Breverb and ReMatrix, SoundToys, Cthulhu + Few experimental things i used sometimes


Interesting. So you start out in Ableton with the Session View, maybe record that into Arrangement View. Take those tracks move them into Reason and add envelopes and refinement effects?

Yeah. Sometimes i create bridge with REWIRE and Mixing on the fly. When it start to Overload sometimes i drop Ableton and finish where i see the track to be finished based on what i need for the different processing.

I use whatever i like, whenever it is locating.
Probably also because i learnt tips and tricks and as i know how to do it here or there i simply make it inside the software i learnt


Interesting! Thanks for sharing your workflow and philosophy with me!


u welcome. I also kept every big decision i make in a project as STEP. Every Midi file, Preset, Groove, template, Impulse response, refill, sysex, hardware sheet program on a Track Basis.

If i loose something i always able to reboot the project here or there in few minutes (software, hardware or both)

@Ryan There’s something interesting also with environment and creativity. Sometimes switching it gives yourself a boost, same principle is applied on physical environment. So to be able to working at the hotel, in the nature, in a dedicated room, in a public place can help … observe people passing etc… make a pause and listening silence, birds drinking something and coming back to the project…


Ugh! @William_WiLD as if I didn’t have ENOUGH reasons to go in on a laptop! Might have to downgrade my hardware setup and switch over to Laptop, Ableton Push 2 and a A4/MDUW rig(I know AR might make more sense, but the MDUW is just so pretty sounding and it’s the box i JUST bought a couple months ago!)


In any case at least to me on how i work, Hardware gives me Focus, Strong Low End and Liberty & restrictions + Live Setup. Software gives me only Mixing-Finnish a track > to production release and New technology to experiment with + Audio Editing / Batch sample and C6


Without going to the whole thread, is it possible to use it as an audio interface without OB?

@Noisebuddy See Overbridge like Drivers Install setup. You can forget it then and use it as a soundcard like every other soundcard


OK … i did it, i bought the AH! 2017 will be a distorted madness :heat: