Analog Heat VST crashes Ableton Live

Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue:

Opening Heat VST shuts down Ableton Live immediately; I haven’t even gotten to the AH GUI screen - Live crashes as soon as I double click the AH VST or drag it to a track.

I’m on latest OB version, and Ableton 8 (8.4.2). Mac OS 10.13.1. I upgraded to High Sierra after this was happening on Sierra. No change.

I also tried uninstalling OB and reinstalling; no change.

Also, interestingly I can open any of the other Analog VSTs (I have a Rytm and it works with overbridge fine). The overbridge control panel is communicating with the Heat, but this issue seems to be related only to Live not liking the Heat VST.

Thanks for any help!

Do you have playback active while opening the gui or dragging the vst to a track? That was causing problems in Live 9/10 for me. If I tried to opening the gui or inserting the plugin with Live playing it would freeze. That has been fixed in version 9 and 10 now, I’m using win 7 tho.

Thanks for the suggestion but no, playback on ableton is not active. Just a blank project, I try to use analog heat VST, and immediate crash.

I just installed a live 9 demo version. Analog heat does load into it, but the GUI is pretty sluggish. I am running a somewhat older Mac, but this is the first time I’ve run into a big issue. Does the heat vst take more resources than the other analog VSTs?

Not here, only when I tried opening the Gui or inserting the Vst with playback active it would eat up all the ram in my Pc causing Live to crash.

I’d send the crash report to Ableton and also ask them to contact Elektron about this, but with version 10 on the horizon I’d think it’ll not be high priority to fix atm.

Just an update for those reading who may be on Live 8. Support got back to me (very promptly I should add) and told me that Live 8 isn’t really isn’t supported with overbridge. Although it works for me with the Rytm, the heat is a no go. Also, the sluggishness with the GUI is most likely due to my graphics card limitations, as the waveform display takes a lot of processing to display.

Looks time to upgrade some more stuff :persevere:


Smart thing to do it while it’s still 20% off Live 9 and free upgrade to version 10.

Version 10 is really really nice imo.

I just got me a new pc laptop and Analog Heat to go with it. When i open the plugin i get an immidiate Ableton crash. I wanted to use Heat as a soundcard and plugin for my new laptop. Soundcard stuff works fine, but overbridge plugin does not.

It works ok with my old laptop (too slow to do proper arrangement stuff) and my studio desktop pc without problems.

Windows 10 & Ableton 10 on all machines.

I had this with Live 9/Sierra, updating to High Sierra did it for me.

not really helpful for me, as i have windows 10.

I know, just putting it out there in case someone else has the same problem :wink:

Up please , same problem with Windows 10 and Ableton Live 9

hey,my problem with vst (osx)is with ableton he find the vst i can put it in a channel but the sound is very low level and i can’t make automation or move any (knob) with communication between vst and hardware,searching for solution!?

Hi i use ableton 10 and macbook using analog heat 2 and using it in overbridge vst works fine but got 2 freeze last night ableton working fine just the heat box froze dont know why i did not even use it as audio interface i/o