Analog Heat (Saving Presets)?


The manual says:


  1. Press and hold PRESET/DATA for two seconds. The selected preset now starts to blink to illustrate that you are about to overwrite a preset position.

Yet, when I press and hold the PRESENT/DATA button nothing happens, and when I release it, my settings are initialized.

The button is working as I can load patches. I have also gotten the patch to blink and entered the naming page, but I don’t know how.


(I’m running 1.10 on the MK1)


Maybe you turn the knob before pressing. :thinking:
Try again, pressing and hold firmly without turning the knob…


I feel so stupid for having asked this. Sorry guys.

Holding PRESENT/DATA only works when you are NOT in the PRESENTS PAGE.

What an intriguing UI choice, Elektron! :crazy_face:


Agreed. Stumped me for ages. A wierd interface choice.


Right?! :joy:


Wait, what do you do when you’re in presets page? I’m usually saving from another page after making a thousand tweaks, so I don’t think I’ve encountered this issue. Good to know


As far as I know the presents page is only for loading. If you want to save, you have to leave the presents page. :crazy_face: