Analog Heat.. recording, or live performance mission?

Hi guys,
looking into AH and I feel that I get the sonic value overall.
Now, that things have settled a bit - how do you guys interact with it predominantly in practice: as a ‘set and forget’ device (on master, or certain groups, etc.), or rather as a live-tweaking and performance tool/element in your setups? How would you rate its fit for the latter scenario?

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I believe it’s all of this + a tool for crafting sound.
Which is why I just bought one, hehe :blush:


The Heat is one tool that has not got a set place in my studio (I hesitate to call it that). It gets moved around on a project-per-project basis. Sometimes as an effect. Sometimes as an endstage. Sometimes as Overbridge plug. Sometimes controlled via midi. Sometimes via CV. Sometimes by hands (what, what?!).


I agreed… it’s best to take it as a external module where Hardware or Overbridge comes handy to plug and insert in all different routing scenario possible. Like an effect pedal but with the freedom of routing and modulation.

Awe yeah can’t wait to hear what you make with it!

I’ve been using mine all over the place like @Carl, running different chains of FX before and after it. Also been experimenting with OB a bit, automating the distortion type can yield some crazy results!

I use mine in an effects chain for processing individual sounds, then when it’s time to record I put it on the master outs of my OT for a bit of clean boost and EQ. I don’t think I will use it live but it’s a fantastic studio tool.

Do you have a Rytm? I’m wondering if a heat on the OT’s mains approaches anything like the rytm’s sample mojo. To me it seems like the perfect thing to add some nice analog warmth and mojo to the OT.
(For people reading this if you don’t think the rytms got sample mojo or don’t believe in analog warmth, please don’t respond, it’s just my personal preference that I believe in and don’t want to debate it) :okej:

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Yes I agree RYTM + (OT > HEAT) is very nice

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Yes I do, and I think the AH does that perfectly with the OT. I’m actually planning on getting rid of the Rytm now that I have the AH, if that says anything.

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I don’t have the fundage and I usually don’t crave gear, but the heat has been lingering in the back of my mind…
Thanks for the info, one of these days… Oh, and I’m sure I’d experiment with every other possibility it can offer, but I imagine mine would live on the OT’s mains, and just take vacations to other connections :okej:

Definitely not set.

Each track I work on is different in so many ways, it’s hard to say how the Heat will get used until I start tweaking knobs on it.

But it fr sure gets used on EVERYTHING!

Thanks a lot to all of you for sharing your insights. I does sound like a very fexible device, in the sense the both studio and live applications can benefit from it.
I wonder if anyone has, or knows of, examples where it is being used like an ‘instrument’ of sorts?

Necrombumping this question, because I am wondering the same thing.

I’m using mine for effects unit but will try it with Overbridge in my DAW to use for all my gear if possible. It really brings otherwise dead and boring synths to life for me. Besides my Strymon pedals and maybe the new Eventide H90 there’s not much competition well ok maybe OTO Boum but I’ve read mixed experiences on that device.