Analog Heat Presets missing?


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I won’t talk about the huge problems i’m having with overbridge ahah

Title and problem is simple
I’m OS 1.02 btw
What should i do ? Can’t find any factory reset

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have you tried using the system menu , there may be some options there .maybe reinstall the os or factory reset or something

Upgrading from the Early Startup Menu
• Hold down the [ACTIVE] button while powering on. This should take you to the Analog Heat
boot menu.


Thank you for you prompt reply

I did try some combinations of buttons and finally managed to have a factory reset.

I now have 16 presets but they were 100+ promised :stuck_out_tongue: Do someone know how to get them ?

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i think theres only 16 , 128 USER preset slots.

but i could be wrong , i havent used mine for a while…


People are talking about many more right now :frowning:

But thanks for your answer, il will continue my quest of the missing presets


The AH has 128 preset slots for you to store the presets that you have made. Only 16 of the slots are filled at the factory.

I imagine this is because any preset will sound completely different depending on what signals you send to the AH’s inputs.

It’s not like a synth where there are dozens of parameters to store: the AH has comparatively few controls and you will probably re-adjust some of them every time you use a preset.


if you hit the limit of presets you cannot save them to the pc as there is no sysex backup :frowning:


i’m not sure i’d hit 128 user presets , maybe under 30 to 40.
presumably setting can also be used / saved in overbridge… but I’m not using it at the moment.


I don’t have an AH but I believe that you can save presets to a computer using Overbridge.


saving via overbridge is a klugde but not a working solution. with sysex it is daw independent. I gave up overbridge due to latency. even a latency of 10 ms is too much if you fiddle with live sounds or mixing. AH is having latency of 50 ms.


Thank everyone for your prompt replies :slight_smile:


same here, fresh from the box, zero presets. but factory reset brought the 16 presets…


This is true, I have maybe 25 presets now on my heat, so only 9 or so more than what it came with, and that’s all I need.
A few presets for drums, a few for instruments.
I load up the one I think I will want, send what I need into the heat, and adjust as required. I then track the effect 100% wet, and blend in the daw. That way I never really need to deal with saving new presets or anything.
It is very straightforward to use yet super powerful.