Analog Heat Presets missing?


Just got the Analog Heat and I noticed on the front of the box, the preset “Spectral Depth” which is preset #59. On my Analog Heat the presets only go up to 16. I tried updating to 1.02 but still missing all of these presets I think.

No presets whatsover

Interesting. I too only have 16 presets? I don’t really use presets so I never realized anything weird about this


it’s on the front of the box and on the Elektron website! Spectral Depth must be a good preset! Also wonder what “Rock Lobster” sounds like.


I also have only 16 presents - though this was normal?


I bought a store demo unit and I assumed that’s why presets were missing but I guess everyone is missing some? Is there a way to do a factory reset? I couldn’t find it in the manual and want to make sure no one has messed around with some settings while it was on demo.


Yeah it’s kind of false advertising when it’s on the front of the box.


Did anyone ever find any more info about this? Like all of you I have just the 16 presets and am wondering if there’s more available.


Now I have the Digitakt which is also missing “sounds”.


anyone? i’m in the same boat…


As far as I know (I’m not an AH owner), the situation has not changed.


AH owner here with 1.02 firmware installed - also only have 16 stock presets


Wait for the Sound Packs. There Will be plenty of presets (to buy).




Was this ever resolved?
I have a new AH with zero presets.


eh, nm. factory reset got back the 16 presets :slight_smile:


They’re waiting for you to make the sound pack!


How do you factory reset the unit?


Try holding the Settings button during power up and you should be presented with a menu where you can trigger the factory reset.


Thanks a lot but which button, the Active?


Sorry, post updated.