Analog Heat or not


i run my mt-540 into the heat, makes a £20 keyboard with built in drums sound like a really cool £20 keyboard with built in drums - they cannae be parted now, though i’d like to try with the r8

anyone properly used the analog drive with a guitar? a friend gave me a nice gibson (i think) and would love to know the best way to integrate it (before amp? after amp? etc?)…


I lol’d.


I have been using mine predominantly with guitar- valve amp and pre-amp in to modelers (just add impulse/reverb etc, I use scuffam amps).

It is a very good overdrive and pre-amp (clean boost sounds great on my telecaster in to a clean channel, almost compressor like) and I also use it for trem, vibe, wah (a foot pedal in to the controll is a must)


lovely stuff, thank you

yes - just bought an expression pedal for the mid sweeps, top notch sound like a filter

so a regular amp first, then the drive, followed by my pedal board?

not sure where the amp comes in as i hear some people need two amps if they have a stereo effect at the end of their chain. are amps only for live use or all the time?


Talking about Heat or Drive ? Heat I guess.

Talking about Heat or Drive ? Drive I guess.





I am using a Heat MK2, it would probably be overkill for use just on guitar but I intend to use it to warm up VSTi’s once Overbridge comes out (it will be so easy to route everything in and out via the USB soundcard just before I bounce the VST…at least I hope it will be!)


I’d previously sold 2 Analog Heats but i’m going to get another. The above example is exactly how i’ll use it next time. In fact i’m considering using all my fx pedals this way, with basic fx on my Aux Sends/Returns.


Hope it works out. And don’t discount reprocessing and resampling a sample multiple times!


Yep, absolutely. Going to explore this aspect a lot more.



The @Dataline Sonic State mk1 heat introduction video shows some excellent examples of processing samples, well worth a watch.


Zero debate. HEAT. You’ll wonder why you ever thought this in the first place. Trust me!


Perplexed as to why my post says “after 4 months” when it was in the top most recent posts. Sorry to revive a thread but if it’s useful to some then so be it!


When a user deletes a post and it was the most recent one on the thread, it jumps to the top of the list…



Just bought a second hand mk1 heat, i love it so far… After trying it for spicing up kick, bass and drums, i hooked my ob-6 thru strymon bigsky into it and wow with a fine touch the reverb sounded even better than always! Also OB filter + classic drive at more extreme settings sounded almost like a 303 :wink:

Btw I can notice an obvious difference between using it overbridge (its own 48khz converters) vs my apollo twin converters running at 44.1 or 88.2… If it’s a simple one shot sound I don’t care so much, but a complex thing is way more clear in the analog in/out. So there folks might not see a point replacing Decapitator with heat. Still very very happy to have an extra 2 input in Cubase without using it as a second soundcard but just overbridge. I think that’s a extraordinary software achievement especially in windows where you cannot have aggregated devices (only one Asio driver).

Wonder how it can be handled on the mains for a live situation, as the output is pretty low if not boosted much… i wouldn’t use it for “mastering” or 2-bus but i play live stems which always sound a bit raw compared to mastered CDs., even with a nice chain ot UAD plugs… Should i try pass my stems thru it one by one at home or make a risky move by bringing it to parties?


I bought a Thermionic Culture Vulture instead. Arguably less versatile, but much better sounding.


I use a dawless and mobile Setup with the OP-Z and the Zoom H4N Pro to Record. Want to keep the setup as minimal and mobile as possible and the op-z should be the only „instrument“.

I‘m quite happy with the results beside the fact that after recording the tracks sound a little „flat“ and low in volume.

So i’m thinking about getting the Analog Heat to help to boost the overall mix when i’m back home. Do you think the Analog Heat is good for this - to optimize full tracks instead of single basslines for example?

Sound and Voice manipulation would be another think that could be nice but i guess the Heat is capable of this task.


No one? :frowning:


Seems out of character with the rest of your rig. Will the Heat boost the sound? Yes.


I run everything through the heat. Individual tracks and full mix. It’s great for destroying a sound or just boosting it with some warmth and a little color.