Analog Heat "glueing the mix" ex-samples?


I use it for both, depending on what I’m doing. Honestly, I’d love two. One for drums and one for the master. Most of the time I have a cheaper stereo distortion (Torcido) on the drums and AH on the master.

AH on the master is a combo of a bit of subtle saturation/drive, a bit of EQ and a bit of envelope follower as pseudo-compression - i.e., using the env follower to lower the amount of drive when the louder sounds (like the kick) hit. In that way the quieter parts are made louder, and the effect is very much like a compressor. Gives it some nice movement.


Thanks for your convincing advices!! :smiley:


Cenk’s paid demo of using the Octatrack to live sample/resample also includes a bit of technique around using the Heat on the master in a live situation and it’s pretty convincing.

(if you buy the track on bandcamp you get the full 27 minute tutorial video)


holy crap! he handles the octatrack faster than I can type on a computer keyboard…


I ll have 3, please.


Cenk’s the Elektron cyborg.

Most of that tutorial is Octatrack wizardry but I do really like the five or six minutes at the beginning where he runs through the signal flow and the fx (AD, AH, and the internal eq & compression on the OT). Very effective.


interesting. I might check it out :slight_smile:


is it worth the 7 pounds? I would not buy the track… although he has some really nice grooves, the whole thing is a little too jumpy for me. I appreciate technically the parts where he goes bananas on the scenes. but I would never put this on for listening pleasure…


Was for me personally (less interested in the style and more about the techniques) but if you’re only interested in the Heat and not the OT then maybe not.