Analog Heat : Feature Requests

Wavefolder and bitcrush

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No I don’t use ots cue out. How would you set it up? Thanks andre.

Default Ot’s metronome setting is Cue.
You can also set Ot’s headphones to Cue only.
You’d have to mix OT’s + AH’s headphones for example.
Depends on what kind of mixer you can use.
Maybe a dedicated small mixer for monitoring.
If you have 2 inputs free on OT you’d be able to hear AH sent to Cue + Metronome.

OT ins are full, so that ‘heat as an insert effect’ is not an option. I still don´t get how I should be able to hear heats output and the ot metronome, even with a mixer, while audience won´t…

Edit: I think now I understood. The mixer had ot cues with metronome only and heat output on one mixer track each and the ot cue on the monitor mix of the mixer only, mixed together with heat output on the monitor mix.

Yeah it was just a monitoring guess. :wink:

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Thanks for RMS level meters for the inputs and outputs

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Sound card operation

One of the most prominent Analog Heat MKII features: it can function as a 2 in/2 out sound card, even while processing DAW audio. Perfect for the traveling musician. Create as you go and make stellar, high quality recordings wherever you may roam.

So, is this through overbridge only, or is it working as a soundcard by default ?

That copy is exactly the same copy that was on the Mk1 page. That feature has not changed as far as I can tell.

I got a Mk1 just recently but I’ve only used it in an analogue chain. However, I think you can use it either just as a soundcard or in conjunction with OB. There are some reports on here that the soundcard performance isn’t great in terms of latency, crackles, etc.

My main feature request : just improve enveloppe follower. It needs to be smoothed if you want to use it as an auto-wah. Most of auto wahs have better behavior. An additional parameter, an option.



I use the LFO on the Heat to create random tape dropout by modulating the preset output. Together with the saturation it works well, however the random wave being stepped is a bit clicky.

Would it be possible to add a rounded version of the random waveform? This would allow a very convincing tape flutter degrade effect.

thanks, E


I don’t have any feature requests, I love it just the way it is. I’ve always been that way tho. I look at what things are capable of & try to get the most out of it…I see what they CAN do…not what they can’t. But at the same time there is nothing wrong with wishing something could do more. Just don’t get caught up in it!

I’m actually blown away by how many features are packed in this guy. If it was JUST a distortion box I would say it has a high price tag, but it is much more. All my sounds go thru it & final mixes go thru it. I think it’s a great mixing & mastering tool.

Random glide lfos are my favorites, I would like them for all Elektrons.
As a kind of workaround, did you try to modulate (eventually trigger) envelope with a random lfo to make it smoother ?

i like to have this on the MK1 as numbers. essential for not fooling yourself. (louder allways irritates you, you think it sounds better )

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Unfortunatly both AHs still do not have an option to save your own presets. Transfer 1.1.0 does not connect to my heat. and for around 800 euros its a pitty not beeing able to save your work.

No sysex dump ?

no, not available

Would like for Elektron to upgrade the Analog Heat distortions to sound more harsher. These circuits sound more like saturaters to me than a distortion unit. Lol maybe I’m using it wrong…

Are you driving it hot enough?
One can really destroy the shit of a given signal. Make sure your input volume is bot too low.

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I think high gain distortion limited too, coming from guitar distortion pedals. Even with Round Fuzz or High Gain, max Sensitivity, Drive, Dirt.
Analog Drive is much better in that register.
I think improvements would need hardware mod.