Analog Heat Cuckoo mega video


You first sold me on the Rytm, now I’m hankering for some :heat: Thanks for these in- depth videos!


Wouldn’t it be great if an update would give you the possibility to make the ENV FOLLOWER only react to certain frequencies?

(but i guess then there would have to be also a freq splitter and mixer … so maybe not possible…)


I thought this was already possible


really … i missed this… shame …


base and width… there it is… SWEDEN was faster… again…


Nice vid , any chance you could do a vid on automation of parameters , swapping circuit types and general sequencing from octatrack ?


Imagine seeing him, the third candidate up on stage gettin all Cuckoo with Hillary and Donald. You’d get my vote :grinning:


How good does that Continuum Fingerboard sound? Such an organic sounding instrument.
And heat makes it sound even better. Amazing


hi cuckoo,
this bass shatterin effect is dope! you should always film with this feature. it makes the music come alive. might have been an accident first, but it comes out as a very cool creative effect. its not a bug, its a feature :smiley:



this is absolutely possible with base and width. eg try this:

make a beat of a full drumset. turn the envelope basis and width, so that it only reacts to the snare/clap. choose the threshold, that it just reacts to the snare beat. now choose filter pan as a destination for the envelope. also turn up the resonance and make the filter react on the envelope. voila, you get a cool whiplash snare, that smashes from left to right. just adjust attack and release to your taste



Yes think Cuckoo has just discovered the most accurate bass measurement device available.
iPhone, is there anything it can’t do? Haha


Thanks for the video, Cuckoo. Definitely more comprehensive than we’ve yet seen on the unit. It clearly has many uses, though most of the time I wanted to hear your Continuum without distortion or rather, my preference would be for an extremely subtle application given the dynamics and expressivity of the instrument, similar to acoustic instruments. That said, I’m sure I’ll find occasional use (when i get my AH) for grittier textures on my acoustic instruments.


I didn’t show this in the video, but it ha this feature already! On the second page of the Env you can set up the frequency base and width to react to.


Filed under “when lovely people write lovely comments”. :sweat_smile:
Thank you sir!!

I think it’s still my first conclusion. But I haven’t yet set it up to work like @Dataline is doing it, like sending just one track on Cue out to mess with. This way I’m sure all the circuits will be more useful. The :elot: is probably easiest to do this spontaneously. But the Analog Keys, Rytm, Monomachine can do this too, with their multiple outs, right?

I’d like to investigate this myself. Give me some time :wink:


Yes, thank you, “Prints” already hinted to this - fantastic !

What’s bad is: thinking about that, the idea of a “Multiband Analog Heat” came to my mind
For sum processing this would even be better. Dreams…

Again Cuckoo, thank you, that were exaclty the demos i was waiting for, the subtle colors etc.
Made me order one…


:heart:️ Sorry I didn’t make it to the election candidate list…


thanks! awesome video… and you are a cool guy.



has anyone pictures from the inside of AH? i am so curious where all that magic comes from. :blush:


Great vid as always. Thank you.