Analog Heat Acid

Bought a Heat last week and after the initial few days of absolute destruction I wanted to see how it sounds on the stereo buss as an enhancer/mastering tool so I knocked a quick acid track together in half an hour and set the Heat on it.

Fuck me you really can polish a shit!


After some good advice I’ve spent a bit more time with the Heat and I’m really getting to grips with it using it on the stereo buss.

I’ll be throwing a few tracks up here over the next few weeks that show both my development with using it, how it is improving my mixes and hopefully showing off some of its strengths.

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Nice, I‘ll keep an eye out for this.
Experiments like these are always great to see :wink:

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So I’ve turned the abomination from the OP into a fully fledged track, merging it with some elements of a track I made for the stranger things challenge last month.
It’s all performed live in one take, the Heat is the only processing/enhancement. It needs some compression on the drums to glue them together a bit more and I need to run it through my DAW to bring the volume up (I’m recording directly into a zoom H4n and it has fuck all headroom) but overall I like what the Heat is doing. I’ve got it set to clean boost, drive around 100, wet about 110 and fully wet in the mix. There’s a little bit of envelope following the kick to give just a tiny bit of ducking and I’ve used the EQ to beef up the bass and tame those highs a bit (prob still not enough but fuck it, I’m happy with it).

Octatrack 2, Rytm 1, Eurorack, Avalon Bassline into Heat

from scratch 10 mins