Analog Four with external keyboard playing external synth

Hey guys,

I’m struggling to setup A4 to play external synth while using external keyboard. I have external keyboard sending midi and it works for all tracks except CV track that is set up to play an external synth. External synth definitely works, as I’m able to play it with on board mini keys, but not through external keyboard. I can program trigs with external keys though and then play, but not in real-time, which kind of sucks. Anything I’m missing here?

This is one of the unfortunate situations where you need to merge the MIDI OUT and THRU from the A4 and send it to the external synth. Same thing happens with the Digitone/Digitakt. My guess is that if you sequence something on the A4 using the external keyboard, it’ll work on the external synth.

A Midi Merger box would solve this issue for you.


So I’m not missing a hidden setting or anything? That’s good to know, thank you!

have a look at the multimap feature of the a4, it will let you route the external keyboard to the synth via a4 i think… basically ypu can set up a channel and a note range from external keyboard and route it to a specific channel/ note range…


I did not know this! I can definitely see this as an option.

Did anyone get this to work?

Yes, it works. Please tell us exactly what you did to try it and maybe we can help you to get it working

This is what i have going on. Im able to play external synths, sequence and record this way through/on A4. Program changes on electribe for matching drum patterns but manual patch changes on external synths. Maybe this is helpful?