Analog Four to Mother 32 and Dfam?



So I have an Analog Four, Digitakt, Analog Heat, DFAM, Mother 32 and a Korg minilogue. I am looking to set up Analog Four’s CV to the mother 32 and dfam to use it as a modular and then maybe use the analog heat on the master.

I am very confused as to how to set it up properly? I know you can use CV AB to mother 32s VCO and Gate but I’m not sure how I would link the DFAM also?

Would really appreciate some help!



You can use CV C and D in the same way to sequence a VCO of the DFAM. e.g. set Cv C to volt/oct and patch it into the Cv input of vco1 and set Cv D to trig or gate and patch it into the trig input of the dfam. if you want to send the pitch information to both vco‘s you can use the mult section on the mother to split the signal.

if you only want to sync the dfam you can do this either via the the assignable out of the mother (there is a youtube tutorial by moog about this) or you can set one of the cv outs of the A4 to gate or trig and patch it into adv/clock of the dfam and put 16 trigs into your A4 cv track (you can also put only every other step to run it halftime etc)
for more detailed infos about setting up the a4 cv outs you can search the forum. many many threads on that topic


Amazing, thanks for your help! I’m now struggling trying to find a mini jack y cable in the uk