Analog four polyphony / tracks used


Hello !

I yesterday played with my A4 and when pressing two notes I heard poly (as when I sequenced 2 notes on the seq)

My interrogation is about the fact I allready had two other tracks playing their own sounds, the third track was at “vol 0”

Can someone explain me what choice of track will make the A4 to choose a second track when using polyphony ?
For example yesterday It choosed my kick-only track who was playing kick and apparently the chord second note in a same time …

When I have three voices playing sequences, if I use to play two notes on the last track it seem to work without changing other tracks sounds…

How is it working, I dont understand…


There is too much to explain for a single post.

Please check the manual especially chapter 9.5 POLYPHONY (starts at page 27).


Depends on which voices are poly-enabled (1234), and what is Allocation mode :

RESET Picks the first available voice in increasing order, starting from track voice 1, for every new overlapping note played.
ROTATE For every new coinciding note played the voices are allocated in a cyclic manner.
REASSIGN Uses the same voice as last time for every note played as long as its unused. Otherwise the least recently used voice is used for the new note.
UNISON Uses all voices to play the same note. Employs the adjustable parameters DETUNE and PAN SPREAD shown below.

(AFAIK Use Track Sounds will change the sound, not voice / track allocation)