Analog Four OS 1.50 change note in sequencer


I am a bit puzzled. With the old OS, in the step sequencer I could just change notes while holding down trig, and note key, easy enough. With the new OS, when I try this, I am adding notes to the ARP page. Well yes, plockable ARP notes is a feature I wished for, but changing notes is much more basic functionality it was so straightforward before…
I realize that if I press note key first, then press trig, I can add a note trig to a specific trig, but it only seems to work if I don’t have a note on that trig… Which does not seem very easy way to just step sequence notes on the fly, also if I have to remove note to add different note I would lose parameter locks.
All in all, I just cannot figure out how to change a note on a specific trig quickly while keeping plocks intact.
Am I missing something?


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