Analog Four MKII Overbridge connection issue


I would like to ask the forum something very simple obviously. I can’t connect my A4 MKII device to the 2015 MacBook Pro. On the USB CONFIG MENU, there isn’t the OVERBRIDGE on/off option, but only the USB-MIDI ONLY.
On the OS UPGRADE MENU, I haven’t done an upgrade. So maybe this is why my MBP won’t read the A4 MKII device via USB?

Also, another question: I have a upcoming concert on the 30th of July and don’t wanna lose my sound presets. Does an OS upgrade change anything when it comes to memory, like turn you back to factory settings/presets etc?

Also, can I back up my Kits?

Thanks in advance.

*I bought this product mainly for it’s overbridge software, 2 and a half years ago. Hope to use it soon.

Yes you need to upgrade your A4 to the latest OS and Overbridge too.

An OS upgrade won’t affect the memory, maybe unless there is a power shortage or you unplug the A4 during the upgrade process.

As for the back up, yes you can, it’s well explained in the manual.


Toshiko, thanks very much!
I’m starting the upgrade!
Really excited.

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