Analog Four MKII - How much sounds should be on there?


I just bought a used Four MKii, and i was just wondering how many sounds should be on there?
If I search thru the Sound browser, i have Bank A + B filled with 256 sounds each… all the other banks are empty. I searched the net, but since my english sux, ( i am german ) i couldnt find much info besides that the Four MKII can hold 4096 sounds. Does that mean i can have 4096 sounds, but when you buy the synth, it comes only with 2x256 sounds?

Also, to connect the Four MKII to the Overbridge app, do i need the Overbridge USB Overhub, or is just a USB cable to the PC fine? Cant connect the Four to Overbridge because she dont get recognized.

If these questions got already asked, can someone push me in the right direction to find answers?

Thx heaps :wink:


Yes, there are “only” 512 factory presets.

But here are more presets available on the Elektron website (free and paid ones).


No. To run OB2 you would need to browse the overbidge subforum with the latest beta version of firmware and software


thx mate


thx, gonna have a look :wink:


How do you remember so many presets anyway? I can only think up to 50.