Analog Four MK2 + Eurorack

I decided to dive into modular (eurorack), a little.
There’s not a lot of infos about A4 MKII + Eurorack.
Anyone use A4 MKII as a sequencer using CV?
Or, what use of the 4 outs/2 inputs CVs do you make?
Any A4 MKII + Eurorack workflow is very welcome !

YT is full of videos about this topic.

Also use the A4 as FX Unit:


i’ve said it before so forgive me if it gets old but cheapest and lots of fun : used clouds clone ($150), something to power it and rack it ($? - hek, pod?). skip the normal clouds modes and head to the alternate mode (looping delay? I forget). put either the a4 into the input or whatever outside thing you like. instant glitch mess or beautiful atmosphere depending upon what you do with the cv (control the loops and such), gate (trigger repeats) and the built-in reverb.


Listen to that man! I followed his advice with a slightly twist…I replaced Clouds shortly before connecting to the A4, with a Moog Matriarch. Lots of hidden fun gems there to explore.
Or take any other semi modular synth (cough0-coastcough)


This is how I started eurorack actualy, as I had the A4 at hand it was a good occasion hehehe.

The A4 does work very well to generate pitch and gates but also can be used as a clock source, to send out LFOs or Enveloppe via CV so you can start having a lot of fun just buying a cool VCO and a cool filter as a starting point.


thanks all of you for these infos ))
One thing how do you get back to the inputs of the A4?

Directly from a mixer? Or from a quad VCA that acts like a mixer?
Or do you use a converter modular to line outs?
If yes, which one do you recommand? (Triplatt? Or a module like Befaco OUT V3/ IJ Outs/4ms Listen IO?)
(Or maybe it’s more clever to plug the outputs of my rack in my mix table?)
Thanks ))

Hopefully a self-plug is okay:
[](https://A4 + Modular performance )


[](https://Patch/Performance breakdown)

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I did an experiment in the other direction lately: I used my modular as a sequencer and the A4 mainly as a voice. I also send a couple of combined CV signals into the A4. And finally I have two sequences running per track that overlap and create some interesting organic results.

Please check here for the full overview:

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Nice experiment :slight_smile:
BTW I have sold my A4 to buy Ground Control by and other modules…
I’ll try to get full eurorack… And the Ground Control seems to be a beast :sunny:

Interesting! I reduced my rack to afford more of the Elektron devices. I see my rack going more into the direction of effects, modulation and sequencing, not so much voices, especially no more drums (will use the AR for that purpose).

I now only have a very minimal modular, mainly what looks nice on the piano… but the A4 driving plaits into clouds is epic. So easy to get lovely drones.

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Hey there ! I made a video on the subject, it’s going online tomorow at 18:30, feel free to tune in to the chatroom if you want to ask any questions during the premiere !

I started out my modular journey with this exact setup and really had some fun.

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Well, I sold Ground control and now use Octatrack + Shuttle Control, maybe more into my utopia ideal setup…

My POV about my setup