Analog Four Mk1 vs Mk2 vs AK - Plus Overbridge Support for Audio over USB

Hey guys, sorry if this has been mentioned before.

I’m trying to decide between buying an Analog Four Mk1, Mk2 or Analog Keys.
I want to be able to use Overbridge with Audio over USB and I am trying to understand what I am missing out on with the MK1. As far as I understand the MK1 won’t operate with Overbridge 2, but can I still use Overbridge 1 and if so what negatives are there to this with Ableton 10 going forward?

Many thanks! =)

That’s incorrect.

Overbridge 2 is for AF Mk1, AK, and AF Mk2.
Overbridge 1 supports AF Mk1 and AK but not AF Mk2.

AF Mk1 and AK have restricted USB bandwidth and so according to Elektron these two devices “support a maximum of 8 channels per direction in Overbridge, and a total of 10 channels (in- and outputs) running simultaneously”. Consider whether that is sufficient for your needs.

AF Mk2 does not have this hardware limitation and so you can have 8 inputs and 6 signal outputs simultaneously.

Read here for full documentation on the Overbridge 2 public beta:


Thanks very much!! I think what confused me was this, albeit I know this is out of date:-

Also the Elektron site doesn’t list the MK1 on either, so it’s very confusing!

The limitations for OB on mk1 are less problematic than for AR mk1: in 16 bits, you can record the four A4 tracks + FX, so no real limitation here.

When it comes to sound or UX, I prefer mk2, really gelled with this one.
But A4 mk1 is good looking :wink: And cheaper.

Having to record in 16 bit is a tad limiting. But it sounds more interesting than mk2 (to me).