Analog Four MK1 pan tracks to different outputs for sidechain

Hello everyone. I’m looking for buying used Analog Four MK1, I would like to have some bass lines on it along with the others sound and I really need sidechain from my analog drum machine kick.
Since MK1 does not have individual outputs and MK2 is out of my budget, I come to idea to pan bass to left channel and other tracks to right channel. Then use bass line as individual signal to my soundcard and make all stuff inside ableton.

I would like to hear community opinion if this is feasible approach or just nonsense before buying unit.

Thanks for opinions.

with Overbridge you can record the 4 individual tracks too or is OB out of the picture for some reason?


I’m not sure how OB works. I have to check. My main use case which I’m trying to achieve is play gear live. Not sure if I can use OB with my soundcard on. I’ll see, thank you.

Overbridge works indepentently to your sound card, makes no difference if you have one connected or not… It’s just USB and goes into your computer, streams all four tracks over that individually and sort of makes your A4 a soundcard for the 2 inputs as well

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I’ve checked manual, looks like OB is a valid option, thank you guys.

Just out of curiosity (or probably go dawless some day), will my initial idea technically work?

Have you found your answer yet? If not I’d be happy to check the feasibility of your idea on my mk1 A4.

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No, not found yet. Could be awesome.

Welcome to elektronauts,

Yes this is possible, I don’t do sidechaining* but use this for multitrack recording

(*I’m working dawless, in the need for a hardware compressor)

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