Analog Four LFO question

Hi Guys
I think my question is new and I’ve searched the forum already.

Ok so I have the Analog Four and have just been delving a little deeper into synthesis and am slowly getting my head around LFOs and how (in my case) they can transform a track over time.

I have created a 303 style bassline and have started to modulate the Frequency cutoff using LFO1 having it free running.

My question is this, does the LFO sweep the whole frequency range or does it sweep from where the Filter has been left by the user?

I would ideally like the LFO to sweep between point A and Point B in the frequency range. I’ve been experimenting with various settings but it never seems to make sense to me, I just can’t work it out.

Can anyone give me any pointers?

Ta Jamie

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Assuming you’re using a classic shape like a sine or square, this is how it works:

The frequency you have set on the Filter page is your center point. Your max cutoff frequency is determined by that center point + LFO Depth as set on the LFO page, and your minimum cutoff frequency is set by the filter cutoff - LFO depth.

So if you wanted your LPF cutoff to oscillate between a value of 90 and 30, you would set the cutoff to 60 on the Filter page and the LFO depth to 30 (or -30).


Thanks so much for the quick and very clear reply. Will try it.

you could also experiment with “looping envelopes” if you want something that’s going to take you from the current level, up or down, and then back - there’s a thread on it just search the term :slight_smile:

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If you reset the lfo with every new Note, it follows (Starts with) the filter setting in that Trig. You can vary now it with every new trig. And iirc even plock the LFO reset by trig setting too.

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Yep, hold trig when on note page. On the bottom are retrig for filter env, env 2, lfo 1 and lfo 2.
IIRC you can use trigless locks to retrig lfos/env without triggering a new note.


Thanks will do