Analog Four/Keys OS 1.35: bug discussion


So i found the bug.
I downgraded to 1.24C, started a new project and tried to play some notes when turning velocity knob in note page settings and mini keyboard takes correct velocity values. Try to do this in new project with 1.35B


Performance edit shows error when FX or CV is selected (mk1, os 1.35B)


Hi everyone,

I have an A4mkII with 1.35B, and I noticed a weird thing.

In the pattern length screen (shift-page) I set it to “Adv” and adjusted the master LEN using the Track Level knob. I held FUNC so that it would move in nice increments.

I can increase the value of the Master LEN field while holding FUNC, but when I try to decrease it, it … keeps increasing. But the value flickers up and down; it goes more up than down, so the overall effect is of it going up. It’s as if the device is reading the anticlockwise turn ok, but overlaying clockwise turning.

If I don’t hold FUNC, I can increase and decrease the value as expected.

Using that same knob in other screens (like menus etc) is ok (also while holding FUNC.)

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, did you already open a bug report? If not, and if you can reproduce, I’ll open one.

Thank you in advance!


Howdy! I’m still relatively new to Elektron gear. I bought my Analog Four mk2 pretty much the same week it was released. I have yet to update any of the OS since owning it. So without looking at my A4 whilst typing this, I assume I’m on OS1.0? Either way, I’m considering updating the OS to the latest version but have two questions before I proceed.

A) is it worth upgrading the OS yet, from a quick glance I can see there are still some bugs in the latest 1.35 issue. The OS I’m on seems pretty stable and I’ve only really noticed one or two little bugs so far. So I’m wondering if it’s a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”. I only really use it via midi in my DAW, not necessarily using the onboard sequencer and effects. Maybe this is why I haven’t noticed many bugs…

B) Can I jump from 1.0 to 1.35? Or do I have to go through each of the OS updates one by one?

Thanks folks! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t think so (that’d have been on Mk1 only) - you’ll see the OS bottom right of the screen when you boot up, it flashes up for a brief moment

yes - but it won’t be 1.0, but it’s still yes

if you upgraded, you may find more or less little issues than your current os, but you can only influence progress if you try for yourself - it may be that your workflow shows a bug that would otherwise be missed - so if you’re not using it you’ll not know - it depends on priorities - most major issues are sorted quickly

anyway, this thread is really meant for discussing or documenting found bugs as opposed to discussing the perils of sticking/updating - browse the above and see if any aspects are crucial to you

if you’ve waited this long it may be worth waiting for the next release for OB2 compatibility, but that could be days, weeks or months away


Hey man, thanks for your swift reply.

Ok cool, I’ll take the plunge and give it an update. Apologies for posting in the wrong place! Like I said, I’m still new on the forum and wasn’t too sure where to post with my questions regarding updating OS.

Thanks again!


I have an OG A4. I haven’t updated it in over a year, but it runs so smoothly that I don’t know that I need to.


is it only me or the sequencer doesnt record some notes sometimes and velocity as well. ?
Also when recording on 3/4 it doesnt work properly. it repeats itself before the normal cycle ( i have a ticket for that one )


Take a look at master length it can solve your problem



I’m running Analog Four MKII OS 1.35B and I’ve found a small glitch that is easy to reproduce:

  1. Plug a synth on your L input. Have it play something.
  2. Create a new project
  3. Go to EXT IN (FX button then OSC1 button) and activate L input
  4. Enable Reverb for L input (push it all the way to 127)
  5. Go to Reverb parameters (ENV button) and augment the decay to the max

Nothing happens. The decay stays the default one.

For something to happen you have to tweak the reverb send of one of the 4 Tracks (ex T1 > AMP > tweak the rev).

So basically changing REV decay keeps the default parameter until you send a track to it. Easy to miss but I was fiddling with an external synth and noticed it. Can anyone reproduce the issue?


I’m not sure if this is your problem but when I had problems with reverb parameters not changing when I was feeding external synths, it was due to not trigging a track. If the track isn’t trigged, the values won’t change even though it shows parameter values changing on the screen. This drove me nuts before figuring it out, but sticking a trig on the fx page solve it for me.

Here was the response from Elektron support (who probably get way more shit than they deserve):

“Is a track triggered on the A4 after the project has been reloaded? If you go from a pattern with changed Master page settings, e.g Input level etc, to an empty pattern, the master page settings will retain the values from the previous pattern until a track has been triggered. That is by design and I suspect the issue you report could be related to this. Unless any track has been triggered after the reload, the old FX settings is kept in order for the sound to fade out properly.”


Lfo1&2 depth B goes to -99 then jumps to -10 - -12


My mistake there. I was on a 3:4 track but the whole pattern was on 4:4 so it got repeated… sorry