Analog Four/Keys 1.40 & Analog Rytm 1.50

Yeah I know that :wink: And I’ve set the midi settings correctly. It’s a couple months since I last tried it though. I did read somewhere in this forum that it wasn’t working yet, so I gave it up, but then I read your comment :slight_smile: But maybe I’ve misunderstood something. I’m just gonna try it out again and see if it works for me.

Edit: Oh wait arming it to the hardwares midi track. Can’t remember if I did that.

Love the new updates! Tempo per pattern was the one feature I thought was missing and now it is here!

Quick question. Is it possible to randomize multiple parameter pages at once? For example if I hold multiple parameter buttons down and hit yes would it randomize the pages I have held? Could be cool!

Fx track used to trigger Multi Map. Velocity knob can be used. A lot of potential.
I couldn’t use CV track, I don’t know why.
Possibly a bug. Not home, no midi monitors to test.
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  1. Hit MIDI button
  2. Select Track 1
  3. On MIDI CHANNEL, hit FUNCTION and PRESS THE KNOB. Then set it to the channel of your hardware.
  4. Program a pattern.
  5. Hit PLAY.
  6. DANCE!

Thank you, but yes I just tried that. Setting ‘Midi 1 Channel’ to ‘1’, which is the nr. of what my hardware receives by default. But still does not work. Even reset the midi on the synth I try to sequence. Nothing happens. I also tried changing ‘Track 1 Channel’ to another track, since it was also set to ‘1’, just to see if that was the problem. Still doesn’t work.
Works perfectly from my BSP though.

Edit: BTW I use OS 1.21

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Analog Rytm OS 1.50: bug reports

I don’t want to be a complainer, this update was great. I just wish the midi was able to output program change, then my workflow would be complete. I want to use song mode to sync my elektrons pattern changes via the a4. There’s this terrible vacuum where digitakt/tone can send program change, but have no song mode. A4/rytm have song mode but no program change. Only the octa can do it!

Edit: it can, so ignore me for I’m an idiot


No. Both AF/AK and AR can send MIDI Program Change message when changing patterns.


Wait, have I been a horse’s ass all this time? :joy:


Maybe check that your DN is set up properly in the MIDI Out settings? I don’t really know. Sorry.

It’s set up correctlty. Just checked again and played around, but it’s the same. Thanks anyways.

This news make me so happy. Strange, because i don´t own A4 or rytm :wink: congrats elektron, great move !


Thumbs up Elektron.

What a massive and unexpected update.
My most beloved part is Tempo per pattern. And Randomization kills it all. Really nice.


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now if you could just add sampling to the a4 :wink:


The best news in Elektron history! Now update MD please with some crazy new abilities like A4, I know you can do it! ! I was thinking they ditched the A4mk1! Finally all the good stuff we wanted for ages, ok hope we don’t get other bugs instead. But damn finally I can use A4 as my mothership midi/cv gate seq/controller! So we can do 4 RND arps to external gear whoooooooo 4 different scales and tracklenghts per track?

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Hello ! how long does it take to update?
because it’s already 10min and it has not changed…

think you used midi then it can take mega long time! better do usb and set in A4 setting to usb

i used the usb… :confused:

mac? win? update with C6? It doesn’t work anymore with certain newer osx i’ve seen somewhere