Analog four filter on blofeld


I would like to transfer the analog filter to the blofeld from the analog four. as far as I have understood, however, blofeld cannot be controlled via cv. if i go from the blofeld to the in entrances of the fours, then i can use chorus, delay and reverb without problems but unfortunately not the analog filter.

does anyone have a solution and if so, which one?

greetings, rob

You have to use one of the synth tracks. Set one of the oscs to external input (l or r).
Two synth tracks needed for a stereo source or you can sum a stereo source to mono by setting both oscs to external in on one track.


Ahhh, that’s how it went. Thank you very much !!!

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would you like to use the wavetables from the Blofeld in the A4?

hey, that’s taken care of again.

but what do you mean by that, are there any other tricks? :wink:

Going to collect my A4 Mk2 tomorrow – so I am also looking forward to some nice hacks! @Noisebuddy

A bit disappointed I have to salvage two tracks for having a stereo input … but I guess that’s just the beginning of “disappointments” at first before I come to the conclusion that less is more – I suppose? :smiley:

Four mono voices in the A4/AK, so yes, for stereo filtering you need two tracks (and performance macros for controlling them), but it can sound so gorgeous! Offset the cutoff and or modulation speed on the filters a bit, apply distortion, fm, feedback, am…all works with external sources! :slight_smile:

Ofc you only need two tracks when you really want to preserve the stereo image of your source. So if the stereo in a synth comes from its effects only, you don’t have to use two tracks…how many synths are stereo on oscillator level?

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yeah, and a bit out of phase, that is where the sickness starts

a stereo distortion-box … and with the macros assigned on the two dedicated tracks, madness starts

in sum: great


The Blofeld has a few stereo tricks aside from the effects, for example the two filters are stereo; you can pan them, modulate the pan position and freely route each of the three oscillators to any of the filters. You can also use unisono as a modulation source in the mod matrix, which allows you to pan individual voices in the stereo field.