Analog Four CV


Morning how many external instruments can the analog four use its sequencer through CV at one time? Can you use the FX track as a CV output?

Thanks Tom


There are four CV outputs on the A4/AK. A choice of pitch, gates, clocks, linear CV…

Depending on how you set them up you could control 1-4 (or more with split or stackable cables) devices.

Not sure how you mean to use the FX track - but as far as usable control voltage, I can’t see the application.


All explained above, but you can use the FX track as a source track for the CV signals, so the source trigs, inc Pitch or gate can be derived from the FX track

Each CV output can be derived from any of the six tracks, so gate and pitch need not be from the same track if you want

I vaguely recall some discussion years back where with careful P-Locking sources (i think) you could effectively ‘sequence’ more stuff than you’d imagine possible

Either way, it’s all incredibly flexible and well specced


I may have been thinking about a different thread to this one, but it could also be useful


Hello folks…! (:
I use my a4 mkii mostly as a drum machine and i wish i could use that cv-track too. Is there any cool cv drum machines(percussive) that i could sequense through that cv-track?


I like Erica Synths Sample Drums and Bass Drum. Also Intellijel Plonk.

^^^ Not really used for percussion here, but an example of versatility!


Nord drum seems popular for this role too


That Erica synths sample drum seems interesting. I have never used cv commands before so, how many sounds can i tricker with that one cv-track. That sample drum has 3 cv ins so can i use all 3 cv out from a4?

Nord drum could be very good choice but i dont like that look and interface at all. :smiley:


AFAIK you can trigger two one shots samples or having two loops running simultaniously on the Erica Sample Drum.
That‘s what the two trigger inputs are for.
You can send 4 different CVs from the A4, source can be any of the tracks, so the trigs on the synth tracks 1-4, FX track and CV track can be the source.
You have envelopes and lfos for the CV track, too and ofc you can p-lock the CVs…
The three CV Ins on the Erica Sample Drum can be assigned to internal parameters and samples can be played chromatically.


also take a look at the roland tm-2 drum module, you could trigger 4 different stereo samples with it… there is plenty information about it on the forum…


Just had an idea… I’ve got an Alexis Trigger I/O kicking around somewhere. I know from memory you can assign its trigger inputs to respond to piezo or switch (to ground I suspect) so I wonder if you could trigger the I/O from the A4 with the correct A4 settings and a high threshold setting on the I/O?

No good with pitch cv’s obviously but you could get 4 triggers out to midi (and USB on the later ones I think). You can do tons with the MIDI side of it like sending PC messages by triggering an input and you can build up kits of specific inputs/outputs. It’s a handy little box!

Just a thought…